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Help with [custom] IEM choice

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Hi everyone,


Today I had the misfortune of destroying my UE Super.fi 5 Pros. So now I need to replace them ASAP (no headphones on the train to work = me in a very bad mood).  I have been reading around the forums here and have narrowed down my choices based on features and price to the IEMs listed below.  I'm curious to see what you all think about what I should do.  I have been using my 5 Pros for the past 3-4 years (recently with a custom upgraded cable) and really love them.   My initial thought was to just replace the 5 pros and be done, but I can't do that without at least looking at upgrades or other models.  I listen to all sorts of rock/alternative/indie.  Some bands I like are Band of Horses, Muse, Dredg, The Mars Volta, Dear and the Headlights, Akron/Family, Circa Survive, Paolo Nutini, Alkaline Trio, Animal Collective, and lots of others.  I don't do rap and sound quality takes precedent over bass level.  So here are my current options based mainly on the requirement that I have a replaceable cable.  This is not an option, I won't buy IEMs that don't have an easily replaceable cable.  So here we go,


   UE Super.fi 5 Pros - ~$90-100

   UE Triple.fi 10 - ~$180-200

   Sleek Audio SA6 - $175

   Westone UM2 - $250



If there are other IEMs with a replaceable cable that I missed and are in range of these prices, feel free to recommend away!


Any opinions are appreciated.  Thanks in advance!



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did you like the sound? what might you like to change?


otherwise i say tf10

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I did like the sound quite a bit. I really would not have replaced them right now, but if I have to I might as well consider an upgrade. I was kind of leaning towards the tf10s since I liked the 5pros so much.
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I think the TF10s are a great buy these days. The SQ is still up there with the elite, and the price has gone significantly down.

The great thing about replaceable cables is they lead to upgradeable cables.

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I tried going from UE TF10 to Westone 3 and UM3X, they both sounded unbearably bright to me.


If you manage to find a sound you love them maybe an upgrade is not in order. When I first auditioned my headphones, I liked the SF5pros better then the TF10s (but ended up getting TF10s). Moreover, there seem to be more complains about TF10s then the 5pro (size/durability issues).

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I never really liked the Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10, mostly because of its recessed midrange.

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At first, I too didn't like the TF10s recessed mids. But after recabling it (Enyo), everything filled out, and it was an excellent sounding headphone.

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I second the TF10 recommendation. It's an affordable triple balanced armature universal these days, which I still prefer to its pricier competitors that I have tried.

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x3 ,for the TF10

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It's good to hear so many good things about the TF10s.  I actually may have changed my plan a bit though.  I decided to be patient and use this as an opportunity to get something I've wanted for a while... Custom IEMs.  I just bought a pair of Metro.fi 220s to get me through the interim.  They actually aren't too bad for a pair of $40 headphones from best buy.  At the very least they will keep me sane on my train ride to work.  Vocals are actually decent enough as are the lows.  The mids are pretty muddy compared to what I am used to, but I expected that on $40 buds.  As for my more permanent choice, I think I'm gonna go with the Alien Ears FR-C3 triple driver customs.  I figure it's the lowest risk as I can make the impressions myself, and they have a 10 day return policy if I don't like them.  Thanks for all of the thoughts!

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Just wait, before you know it, Head-Fi will force you to get the JH-3A!

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I've been wanting customs for a while, I'm sure an amp will follow.  I'm not so sure about the JH-3A though!


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Sennheiser IE8, HJE900, SE535 and Westone 2........

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Has anyone here ordered the FR-C3 from Alien ears?  I know it's a relatively new model for them.  Also, I noticed that their 10-day return seems to exclude the custom artwork on the IEMs.  Does anyone know if this means the 10-day return is not valid on the entire purchase, or simply that the cost of the artwork is not refunded?  Thanks!

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