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Sony Hyrbrid tips improve just about any IEM

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A little while back I purchased a set of Apple Dual Driver in ear monitors (ADDIEM) from a fellow head-fier. I had a terrible time trying to get a proper seal with the standard tips. I read a suggestion to try the Sony Hybrids and I snagged a set at Best Buy. I put a set on the ADDIEMS and achieved a good enough seal for front of the plane air travel noise isolation. I began experimenting with some of my other IEMS (I am a sucker for cheap IEMS) The hybrids improved the fit and sound of the Zune Premium, the Meelec M9 and the Maximo 490. I looked on ebay for a seller of pseudo hybrids and someone here had recommended the seller "lostearbuds." He offers 9 pairs of any size combo for $6.99 shipped. I ordered some and they arrived in 2 days. I now have hybrids on just about every IEM I own. I recently acquired a set of Monster Beats Tour In ear and found it difficult to achieve a seal. In reading reviews around the web almost all reviewers had this problem. A set of hybrids fixed that problem. I have no idea why this seems to work so well as there isn't an obvious (to me anyway) difference in the properties of these tips. They just fit. I highly recommend spend $7 and trying these out on your IEMs especially if you have comfort or fit issues.



Here is a link to the eBay seller mentioned above:



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I'm about to go to Best Buy and try these.  I haven't been able to get a good fit with the SuperFi 4, I'm hoping these work.  


Thanks for the link, I'll order from there next time if these work out.

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Good luck. I hope they work out for you.

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so ive been trying to figure this out. what is the difference between the real Sony hybrids you can find at your local BB and the fake ones on Ebay? are they really fake? and if so, why would people recommend these fake ones? are they as good as the real ones? many questions for many thanks!

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The "Sony Replacement tips" I bought from Ebay have a slightly lighter color on the internal tube. The retail packs also have a 4th really small tip. As for function, I don't see a difference.

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Hybrids work really well for me with my SF4

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do these hybrids fit on the head-direct series?



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Originally Posted by younglee200 View Post

do these hybrids fit on the head-direct series?



They fit on both my RE0 and RE252. They basically fit on any nozzle which is 4-5mm wide (or larger) and most importantly has a 'lip' or 'ledge' that allows the ridge inside the hybrid tip to catch on and secure itself.


They are my favourite tips for the RE0.

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thank you


i just ordered a set of 9 for the 6.99

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Sony hybrids whether fake or real doesn't matter both are very good. These would probably be my favorite tips if triple flanges didn't work so well for my ears. They are much more comfortable however and my favorite tips on my PL30 when I want comfort over added isolation.

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Sony Hybrids have replaced just about every tip I own as my running favorites. No matter what I use them on, they're incredibly comfortable, isolate well and most often lead to an increase in sound quality and that's pretty darned impressive.


Now if only Sony would allow me to mix and match sizes for my 10 bucks instead of having to pay that much for two sizes I'm never going to use (medium and large), we'd be in business.

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you can always get the ebay ones where you can mix and match :)

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Threw a pair on my M6 and can't speak highly enough of them. Thanks for the info on the ebay ones. 

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There is very, very slight difference in term of the thickness. Genuine Sony hybrid tips feel that tiny bit thicker. Also, there is possibility of getting badly-made tips from eBay. I bought a set of S, M and L tips and the M pair cannot be used because both stems slanted off-center by about 40 degrees.

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Any chain stores currently selling these? Or a link to amazon or something? I could have sworn I've seen them at Radioshack, but I'm not sure. I've been looking for a RE0 replacement... I just don't find them comfortable. I love the Klipsch s4's though. Most comfortable, IMHO HANDS DOWN. I wish they fit other IEM's...

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