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FS. Headphile DB

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Am going to bump this post from a while ago & see if there is any interest!


Beautiful pair of Darth Beyers. Amboyna Burl and Bloodwood. I am the only owner and they have been well taken care of. They have some -for lack of a better word- small cracks or fractures along the Burl marks in the wood. They are not due to mistreatment. They have been there since soon after I got the headphones - maybe a response to the low humidity in my area. They are not readily apparent but you can feel them if you rub the cups with your fingers. They do not effect the sound in any way. I paid $695. For these on the deals page about 3 1/2 years ago. I'm looking for $500. For them.

This is a picture of them that is on the headphile page.


This is a photo of them at my house!  You can't really tell here but I have put leather pads on them.  They are more of a brown color - will try to get some pictures of the pads later.



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Morning bump
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One more bump! Might be interested in a trade. Make an offer.
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