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Is the technology here?

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Been ages since I visited the site, and it turns out it's changed quite a bit!  Apparently I must've had my account under another email address, because I had to create a new one (I have no other email address I would've used--weird).


Anyway, I've been searching these boards extensively and it seems the solution to my problem isn't out there yet.  Of course, I may have just missed it, so apologies if this has been answered already.


The problem:


I run a workout video on my laptop in the gym at my work.  A buddy of mine saw it and started doing it with me.  I'd run a cable from my laptop to the stereo that's in the gym so we could hear the video/music.  However, other people started coming into the gym and wanted to listen to music without having to listen to the workout video.


So, I need some wireless headphones (at least two) that can connect to my laptop and receive the same audio signal.  The catch: the phones have to be gym-friendly.  Ideally, they wouldn't be full size cans (I believe this solution exists, but full size cans just aren't an option for us), nor would they be IEM that completely block sound.  'Phones that clip on, or earbuds, or wrap around the back of the head would be ideal.


Am I mistaken?  Are full size cans the only means of doing this?  It doesn't matter to me if it's FM or Bluetooth or whatever--so long as I can get a couple of workout-friendly 'phones that can receive audio from a single source.


Thanks guys...  I've received more than enough help here in the past, so no biggie if y'all're too busy to respond or point me in the right direction....



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You are not mistaken.  they make earbuds and what not that are bluetooth/wireless that wrap around your neck you can run with.  Motorola had a real cheap sale on them the other day, forget who else makes some.  Sennheiser probably

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I make a post and two seconds later someone answers my question.  It's not the answer I was hoping for, but at least now I know I can stop looking for now!


Thanks, Anaxilus.  I knew I'd get my answer on these boards.

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it kinda seems like he said yes, they make exactly what you described. Unless I missed something, which I often do. 


these don't appear too isolating


or these


not sure about their workout viability, though.

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Thanks.  I saw those Motorolas and Sonys.  If I could hook up two of them at the same time I'd be set.

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