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The "Lovely Cube" Headphone Amp (Lehmann Black Cube Linear Clone) - Page 4

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Originally Posted by francisdemarte View Post


Thank you for the wedding wishes! I actually just got back from Costa Rica yesterday, the wedding and Honeymoon was quite an adventure!


To answer your questions. With the amp being near silent as it is, I don't believe a better power supply will have a good cost/benefit. You'll probably need something much better than a simple Tangent THREAD, your definitely looking at either the YJPS or AMB's sigma 22 to improve on the on board.


The wedding/honeymoon pretty much blew my budget for head fi for a while. I was going to try some opamp rolling (maybe pick up the OPA627 or Burson discrete op amp) and do the Class A biasing as detailed on headfonia.com and in the M-Stage thread. The next major mod would be to purchase another Lovely Cube board and create a balanced version of the amp for my HD650's. 



Yea, I'm thinking of building the sigma22 but am really too bummed out and I really should be concentrating more on "real life issues". haha.


If you're interested in the 627, Stephen (lasercollection) actually carries it: http://cgi.ebay.com/2-pcs-Dual-BB-OPA627-SOIC-DIP-Adaptor-/190433490176?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c56b87500 . It won't do your wallet that much of a damage and you get 2 of them, one for each Lovely Cube!

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It is replaceable by hand?

Original OPA2134 out

 and put the OPA227?


Thank you







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Yes, just replace the chip.

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Well yes and no. The OPA227 is a single channel chip, so you'll need 2 on an adapter. Are you sure you don't mean the OPA2227 which is a dual channel?


Also look up the chip's max voltage on the manufacturer's datasheets. I think (althought I'm not sure) the Lovely Cube supplies 15V to the opamp. This should work with most chips, but its safer to check first.



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Oops. I misread.


And yes, the Lovely Cube is designed to run at 15V for V+ and V-. Mine clocks in at 14.84V.


The OPA227 will work with 15V supply but 2 of them will have to be mounted on an adapter (2x SOIC8 OPA227 on something like the "Brown Dog") to work for both right and left channels. If you don't already have the OPA227, the OPA2227 will be the easiest solution (http://sg.farnell.com/texas-instruments/opa2277p/op-amp-dual-precision-pdip8/dp/1459562) that you can directly replace the OPA2134 with.


"DIP8" and "No. of Amplifiers:2" are the 2 main keywords to look out for. "Max Supply Voltage:18V" means that the 15V supplied by the Lovely Cube will work (http://focus.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/opa2277.pdf).

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I ordered lovely cube  
I'll write more later

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Awesome :) Welcome to our exclusive club!

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How much for the assembled final version, plus shipping to europe?

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This is a DIY project and I don't believe there is a fully assembled version. You can try contacting the vendor on ebay.

Otherwise if you need something completely built I would go with the Matrix M-Stage.


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On his site he said he assembled it for one of his customers. The price is quite low, maybe dac+this is a better alternative to the audio gd fun.

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It doesn't take much to hook it up but if the seller does offer an assembled headamp at this pricepoint, it'll really be a close competitor to the M-Stage.

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So, i'm still evaluating if to get this or the audio gd fun, for the same price (can't really spend more than a fun A version). I will get information about the m stage too, but in the meanwhile, here some questions:

How does it work with low impedance cans?

So this sound exactly like the 1000$ original black linear cube?

What's the difference between m stage? This one also seems to have better components.

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1. I'm using it with the W1000X and I don't have much complaints because my DAC isn't exactly great. I can't tell if the qualms I have are with the amp or the DAC, but it was definitely quite a big upgrade from using the built-in amp on my DAC.


2. The last time I heard the original BCL was thru a Marantz SACD player hooked up probably with some hi-end cables and power filtering etc while lying back on the leather recliner in dynaaudio5555 in Akihabara. I don't have any of that at home and as unreliable as acoustic memory goes, listening to the same CD (but FLAC-ripped and played through my computer setup instead) the Lovely Cube stock sounded a bit more congested. I've rolled to a LT1364 biased to class A and made some changes to the input and decoupling caps. It sounds more open now for a slight tradeoff in the bass impact.


3. I think better components too.

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I'm guessing this amp isn't the exact sonic equal to the lehmann black cube linear but at about 1/5th the cost (for a fully built amp, including shipping), I ordered one. Looking forward to receiving it and providing my impressions.


I ordered the fully built amp and he also is doing the class A biasing for me. I'm just hoping it's a decent step up from the years old PPA I've been using to drive my HD650's and ATH-A2000X

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With class A biasing, u mean that he's adjusting the bias?

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