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Originally Posted by truly194 View Post

Do You know how sounds Lovely Cube with dac unit? It is with usb CM6631A and base on ES9023 dac. 

I have a Lovely Cube Premium AD (the one with the built in DAC) on the way in the near future. However, I only have a Apex Glacier and Leckerton UHA760 that I would be able to compare it with. I have no idea at all what to expect.

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I hope that Lovely Cube has very nice applicate sabre dac - it can sound very nice :)

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Maybe I´m wrong, but when I read the reviews from the Le*mann site they talk about an Class A amp.

When I look the pictures from this Lovely Cube I wonder why they use bipolar NPN and PNP transistors. when everyone knows that mosfets are less noisy than the old bipolar ones.

For Class A you don´t need a (matched?) pnp and npn transistor, usually one transistor (pnp or npn) do the job but you can use more parallel to enhance the power output.

So for me it seems that LC is a class AB Amp rather an Class A design and this is not exactly the same , Mr. Le*mann said ?


How do you guys know, if the hongkong fab matched every bd139/bd140 per hand to find the right couple ? did someone of you take the LC in a audiolab and do some measurements (bode, thd etc etc.) ?

Years ago, when I repair my minimoog Synth I waste hours of matching a bulk of transistors ...

Maybe one of you can shed more light on this topic ?


( I found this thread after looking google images in search of a clear picture of the Le*mann pcb where I can see which transistors

he used .. )





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I'm not really a technical person, but from what I recall it is possible to "bias into Class A" so I guess it may not be in Class A in stock configuration?


Received my Lovely Cube Premium AD with built in DAC this morning. Postage to Australia was only 4-5 days.


Just got home from work so I haven't had a good listen yet, but I can confirm that there is not any channel imbalance at low volume which is the thing that I was really most worried about. (You might notice that my last two amps have stepped volume. I nearly went for a stepped attenuator which is an option, I believe, instead of the stock volume pot) Still, there is no channel imbalance in the pot at any point that I can detect so I am extremely happy about that!


edit: The PRaT coming from this thing is great. It has a pleasant delicate treble which is great for acoustic instruments and especially drums. Snappy and decent amount of space.  Vocals are sweet sounding and bass is good. I almost hate to say it because I don't usually care about this kind of thing, but the volume knob really has a really nice feel.

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so everybody seems happy with this project regarding biasing, matching or nothing at all.

so its worth to try this LC and it doesn´t matter if its a Le*mann or not :-)


all right


I will try this for myself.

First I was curious about hongkong tec. but all folks here are happy with the result.

and if not they upgrade it with more and more expensive parts.


I wonder why they build the transformer so near to the Line Inputs. Normally you avoid this with carefully audio design.

The magnetic fluxlines induce hum to this lines.

Its better to leave the ac/dc parts outside of the amp or shield it with nonferrous materials (like the multimediaboxes in the 90ies)



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how do I post pictures?

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Click the following icon and upload your pictures, or upload your pictures elsewhere and paste the link in your post.


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You need to have more posts to be allowed to post pictures sorry.

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