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Sleek cable problems

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Im currently waiting for sleek to get back to me about a replacement cable, seems the 2009's are just as bad as the first set i had.


Do any of you have the new cables, and if so what are they like, im getting tired of replacing the things now, so much i may switch to westone next.

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Hey Huxley,


Which email did you contact us at? I'll make sure it gets taken care of for you.

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I contacted you directly through your address andrew.

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I just sent you a PM

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Andrew, my 2nd SA6 cable died after one year of normal use. Is it possible that you send me another replacement cable for free? I like the sound quality from SA6 and am grateful that you guys sent me the 2nd cable for free.


I do not abuse my earphone (none of my other earphone cables had this problem) but I will take EEEEEExtra care next time with SA6.



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same here but i think my warranty is done.

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