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My Lawton Audio LA7000s just arrived! (with pics)

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Just wanted to shout out and thank Mark for the superb job he did with my Denon D7000s. They sound superb and look absolutely gorgeous. Will take some better pictures tomorrow :)


Ended up with the beautiful Silky Oak cups, with the 5.5', sheathed cable terminated with balanced furutech XLRs. Sounds stunning through the new Phoenix and Reference 5 combo too <3




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Beautiful! Congrats.


Be sure to post a review.



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That I certainly will be doing :) I absolutely love these cans. I can sit at work and listen to them for hours and hours without fatiguing and they're so so comfortable. I've even startled myself a couple of times whilst listening and I hear a sound that is so far back in the soundstage that it seemed completely external.


I sit here, with a huge smile on my face as I code away and listen to an Explosion in the Sky live album.... As tacky as it sounds—life couldn't be better.

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Congrats, I also have the silky oaks and think there beautiful as long with being my favorite can. I am sure you will love them.

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Congrats! That's a killer rig!

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Wow!  Your rig looks great!  That's exact setup I am planning to get.  Could you please tell me how I can get in touch with Mark to get my D7000 modified.   Thanks.

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Never mind!   I found the website and saw the prices :(

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Nice, that's a very classy setup.

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Love the wooden cups...awesome setup! looking forward for impressions. 

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Absolutly beautiful my friend. Simoly stunning.
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Absolutely beautiful & stunning! Looking forward to first impressions :)

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phoenix with re5 look so tempting. Have unmodded d7000s. This one must be much better considering the price of the mod

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I wish i could listen to your  rig man..enjoy!

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Nice setup! The big brother of my DAC19DF > C2 > LA2000 Lite rig.


Would be curious for your impressions of the LA7000s with tubes... my Lites sound syrupy (for lack of a better word) with tubes, even with a great amp like the Mapletree Super II.

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Would be curious for your impressions of the LA7000s with tubes...


I find the la7000 usually dont sound good with tubes amps.  Having such a low inpedance, they draw a lot of currant that most tube amps cant supply well enough. Not that tubes wont enhance there sound, but I just find that most tube amps leave the bass flabby and run out of steam to early in the volume dial. Turning the volume up dosent increase the volume any more because the currant output of the amp is at its saturation point already. A powerful transformer coupled tube amp can sound magical though.

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