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Headphones for a big noggin, any suggestions? Newbie here.

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I am looking to make the entry into a proper set of headphones over the crap headsets I have been using for years.  The last headset I had where the Logitech's G35, seemed massive when I bought it.  It lasted two months before both cans cracked off the headband when I put it on one day.  Turns out I have a pretty big noggin rolling around on my shoulders.  I think I need a big set of cans.

The headphones would mainly be connected to my PC sound card (ASUS Xonar Essence STX), used for music/gaming/movies.  I would say 70% music 20% gaming 10% movies.  I mainly listen to Classical, Opera, Instrumental, Country, Rock and Metal.   The other considerations I have with purchasing a headset is open vs closed can design, there is usually two or more other people in the room my PC is in.  I want great sound, but I don't want my cousins playing the 360/PS3 drowning out my music or my music leaking to the point they have to turn up the TV to drown it out, also not pissing off my girlfriend on the comp next to me with the sound coming out the cans would be fantastic.

I was looking into getting one of these headphones, or others someone can suggest;
Audio-Technica ATH-A900
Audio Technica ATH-AD700
Denon AHD2000
Denon AH-D5000
Sennheiser HD-595

Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated, I find a lot of the information out there regarding headphones somewhat confusing.  I am looking to keep the price of the headphones under $500.00 US if possible.  I live in the Bahamas so I have to pay 45% duty on the headphones when they get to me.  That is part of the reason why I need the cans to be
available at Amazon, it is one of the few places that take international credit cards.

Oh the best clip on mic to use is the Zalman Microphone Zm-Mic1 correct?  Still need a mic for Ventrilo etc.

Thank you.

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The Audio Technica AD700/AD900 or Beyer DT440 would be great choices except it sounds like your going to need closed phones unfortunately.  The Beyer DT250 is probably your best choice overall.

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Thanks for the info JayB.  I've decided to shell out 200 more and grab the Astro A40's for my cousins so I don't have to hear the constant gunshots/explosions coming out of the 360/PS3.  I can grab some open headed cans this way. 


Which of these cans overall will give me a better listening experience? 

Audio-Technica ATH-AD900
Audio Technica ATH-AD700

Beyer DT440


Is there something else I should be looking at outside of those three?  I still have a $500 US budget to work with for the headphones.


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Well if your willing to spend more then the AD900 or DT440 would be the way to go. They both pair very well with the STX.  DT440 is warmer and has more bass impact but the while the AD900 is brighter and more forward sounding and has a larger soundstage. I think the AD900 would probably fit better and be more comfortable for someone with a larger head.   The AD900 does look vastly overpriced at $399 on Amazon however.  They are not woth that much since usually the are closer to $250.  The DT440 are only $107.50 which is a great price for them as they are usually closer to $150.  The AD700 is great for gaming and classical, instrumental, etc. but the bass is a bit on the weak side. Maybe see what others have to say as well.

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I think you should look up the Shure SRH840. I'm getting it in two days and for most people it is really wide on the side of the head and is kinda goofy-looking on most people but should be just perfect for you. It costs about $200 max., well under your budget. Sound quality is decent for its price, you should take a look.

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For your comparisons, I own both the a900 and the 595, and the former is definitely better for big heads, both in terms of relative comfort and durability.  I also have a big dead, so I know what you mean.


My 595s actually has some very small hairline cracks at the headband "hinge".  Nothing too detrimental, but they're definitely visible.

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