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AKG 701 rewiring

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My headphones had an accident at the hands of my daughter and a vacuum cleaner.  Need to put on a new stereo plug on.  I am looking at four wires (Red, Black, Yellow and White).  Any idea of which would be Right hot, right neutral, left hot, left neutral?

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If I remember correctly, the wires should be the following -


Red - Right +

Black - Right -


Yellow - Left +

White - Left -


Edit: You do actually have them in the right order.

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Thanks meme.  I gave it a shot.  Still no sound.  So I am now thinking that that the cable is damaged higher up then just at the plug end.  The vacuum pulled about half of the cord in, so who knows.  I just may need to put on a whole new cable.


Any idea how to access the driver on these cans?

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stick something in the grills and turn it to remove then theres some screws

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