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Help needed about IEM vs Heaphones and moore

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I need some advice/ideas/help really fast, so I thought I´ll ask you guys here at head fi where the source for info is potentially better and faster than in Sweden where I live.


I need some new headphones or IEM´s and I´m going to a demo to listen to some IEM/headphones tomorrow, I will use a few different sources to power the IEM/headphones, Clip+ and hifiman HM-801.  Maybe I take with me the Icon Mobile and Fiio E7amplifiers as well, I have no better amplifiers that I can get my hands on at the moment , maybe the store have some?  I doubt it tho except for the grado RA1 that I belive is the only affordable amplifier that store have.

Also, the 801 does not have the GAME card right now, only stock.


I dont know what headphones sounds the best with primarely the HM-801, but I have seen in this forum that some guys use the JH Audio 13 pro IEM´s and they seem pleased.  So I have booked some demo time for me to listen at them tomorrow (JH 13 pro), I have also booked some time to listen to Ultrasones 900 pro since I would prefer cans on top of my head. 


Now is there any moore models I should consider when I´m already there?  Cheap or expensive doesnt matter either cause if they are to expensive I will put mooney away for 2 months until I can afford them, though it would be preferable if I can buy them asap whitch meens cheaper the better, hahaha!  Any tip would be great for me no matter if they are IEM´s or closed on ear cans like the 900 pro.

I did see they had JH Audio16 pro as well, then of course 5, 7, 10 X3 Pro etc..   How good does the cheaper JH pro IEM´s sound?  I´m really curious how the cheaper JH 5, 7, 10 X3 etc sounds compared to 13 and 16?


Ultimate Ears is also available, but the most expensive modell is Tripple.fi 10, no UE´s  Then there is the q jays, IE8, SE530, E500PTH etc...   but I have no ide where to start listening when it comes to the IEM´s???  Nor do I know what is good enough for me and it´s hard when all these models are basiclly at differend stores, no store have even half of those models.


With my bad english and moore so lack of experience it is very hard to describe how I want phones to sound?  I do however know that I would prefer closed back headphones that goes around my entire ears but I´m open to IEM if they can deliver.  It was a long time since I had earbuds/IEM´s inside my ears for a long period of time so I simply doesn´t know?


Sorry that I dont know the terms to describe what kind of sound I would like to have, but pherhaps to some degree: high resolution, clean from every noice that doesn´t belong there. 

I want my bass to be able to go deep but at the same time be able to be fast, precise and controlled when needed, the DT770 pro/80 I have at the moment have lots of bass, but it´s not fast and controlled enough,  Again, soory that I have a hard time explaining what I´m after moore thoroughly guys.


Is there something I shall think about when going there for demo tomorrow?  Other than that, please feel free to guide me to the right direction, give me ideas etc...  

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Well for starters, you might want to check out this analysis on the HM-801: http://www.anythingbutipod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=54879

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Originally Posted by thenightman View Post

Well for starters, you might want to check out this analysis on the HM-801: http://www.anythingbutipod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=54879

Sorry, me English is not the best.


Pherhaps you can further explain what I´m suppose to look at?  Do you meen reading those graphs?


If so maybe I understand what you meen after all?

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If you happen to demo the JH13, keep in mind that the JH13 demo version never sounds as good the real custom.


Do you already have the HifiMan? If you don't already have it, I would not purchase it until you already have either tried it, or have something like a top-tier custom (ex. JH13, JH16, UE18, JH-3A, etc.). If you want a really great-sounding DAP, there are plenty of cheaper options (ex. S:Flo 2, Cowon J3, Sony X Series, etc.). If you want truly portable, then should go for the Sansa Clip+.


One of the best newer options in IEMs is the Fischer Audio DBA-02. It is fairly affordable for its performance. This will also let you figure out if you really like IEMs or don't.


If you have the time, try all the headphones you can and write down your impressions.


Have fun!

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Thanks for the advices violinvirtuoso, actually that was the kind of info that I was after, apart from headphone/IEM tip of course.

The little things that I´m not going to have in mind when going to demo unless someone tells me what to think about, like for example that the JH13 demo version is going to sound worse then the retailed custom version.  I didn´t think of that untill you wrote it, whitch should meen that if I like JH13 a lot they could actually be even better, right?


The Fisher DBA-02 I must admit I don´t know what it is, Pherhaps that is one of the brands that are not so common here?  On the other hand the UE18 (or any UE series for that matter) can´t be bought in Sweden from what I know of, can´t be sure tho?


When it comes to the hifiman HM-801 I already have it (not the GAME card tho) and it was my intention to bring it for the demos tomorrow so that I can use the intended source for playback.  I find the 801 to be a real mystery, what a paradox  that thing is to me.

I find it to be extremely sensetive to what headphones I use with it, also the music files them self can sound very different with the 801.

Sometimes I have 2 16bit flac of the same song ripped from the same album, only by two different induvidials and one of thenm sounds ordinary or even bad while the other music file sounds fantastic??  Haw can that be? 

I also have the Clip+ as well, and with the Clip the two files sound moore alike than with the 801.  So sensetive I´ll find the 801 to be, but instead you are very rewarded when you have best possible music files.


How well do the JH5, JH7 and JH10 X3 match up against both big brothers 13+16 and other brands top IEM?


Thanks m8, you have given me something to think abuot tomorrow!

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