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My old original clip might not have been as pretty in the main body design as my clip + but the clip had some real gripping power and was built to last.


My clip + clip could barely grab anything and seemed designed to be a belt loop rather than a clip. It has now broken off. Kind of annoying.

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Originally Posted by Lex View Post

Not loving the build quality so much. clip broke (now 1/3 smaller!) and whole unit creaks during button presses.



 I think the clip is not as tight as it should be either. it falls off my shorts when I am exercising. I never had this problem with my previous Sylvania mp3 player. 

also, the 15$ Sylvania had an aluminum clip, unlike the sansa, that has a plastic one. 

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Wow, an aluminum clip+ would be great. I worry about breaking the clip off of my 2 as well. That & at least 16gb to go w/my 32gb microSD card=heaven.
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I bought the clip.

I'm waiting for it to arrive.

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I had two original Clips, and now I have two Clip+'s.....never broken the clip off of any of them, and they get used quite frequently.L3000.gif

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Wow. I have the clip + and my wife has 2nd gen shuffle. The shuffle recently died but it sounded much better imo.

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sry was a reply to an earlier question.

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different strokes for different folks eh. 

I feel like they are in the same league. 

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I ll compare the clip with the shuffle (ups).

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The clip+ IS a Sansa,...

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The clip broke off my Clip+ the other day.  Always treated gently so that was surprising.  Imo, the plastic parts that form the hinge mechanism should have been a lot more beefy, perhaps even made of metal rather than very thin, rather weak plastic that was used.  Imo, clearly the hinge mechanism is poorly designed on the Clip+.


Since I got mine at Costco only a few weeks ago, it's no problem to return it but I'm sure the clip will break again on a new one.  It's just a matter of time unless one refrains from actually using the Clip+'s clip very often. 

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I don't think metal V plastic is the issue as much as design is.


The old Clip clip was platic too but it was seriously tough and had a seriously meaty grip as well.


The new clip is just worse made, and really doesn't grip well even if it hasn't broken off.


Probably put their savings into the clip so they could keep the price similar after adding the microSD slot.


At the price they sell them for it does seem churlish to complain though!

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In daily use, over months and months, I never broke a clip off either my two original Clips, or my two Clip+....I always wonder what the hell people are doing to break them!

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I did precisely nothing. Just took it out of my pocket one day and the clip was half off.


Look at your old clip and your new one.


Is it not obvious the former is stronger both in clamp and in build?


The Clip + is a much flimsier design.

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I had absolutely no problems with the clip part. Then again I never actually clipped it to anything lol.

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