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Im considering a Cowon now but Im afraid Ill just be disappointed again haha. Would using a DAC improve sound quality on the clip? Im not sure exactly how that works.

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The Clip doesnt have a line out, as far as i can see, so a DAC would be useless.


Get the Cowon if you can.

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The Clip has a lot going for it. Namely the price vs features. If you ever get a chance, try the Clip with Grados. I have been listening to my Clip+ with my sr60s and am very impressed. Anything but dull and boring.


Everyone has a different experience with the player. Different headphones, different music. So far It's working out nicely for me.

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I'm very happy with my Clip+ , it does great with the Alessandro MS1i or Portapro straight from the hp out. My only gripe is that the clip broke off on its own accord after 7 months - so now I just call it the Sansa.

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I owned a first generation Clip and thought the same thing as you.  I recently bought a Clip+ and have now come to the conclusion that Sansa's quality control group sucks.  My new Clip+ does not sound veiled at all.  I actually prefer it for most music above my Sony's and old Cowon.

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On the Clip+ make sure you have the sound settings set to "High".  Are you in the US, if not you may have to select US in the firmware to be able to set to "High".


Make sure you have the EQ set to "Normal"

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right now I am planning to buy the sansa clip+, but after reading the posts here.... I kinda freaked out and decided not to buy it...YET... ;D


anyway, I'm using HD448, has anybody tried combining the clip+ with HD448? kinda curious with the sound produced...maybe the best way is to try it by myself but I wanna hear some comments first


thx b4

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It is set on the correct settings. I believe I just have an ultra-high expectation of all audio equipment regardless of price . Of course this isn't realistic. I just need to change me mindset :).


Too bad about the quality control (if this is true). Of course I couldn't ask for an exchange because its not technically defective.

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I guess it depends on what sort of sound people like, as well as partnering equipment, but have never found the clips veiled.

The plus is warmer than the V2.

In the past I have done the PDCP+dac+amp thing and still use an amp on occasion with the clipV2.

Maybe i am now just reveling in how teeny weeny it is compared to previous 'portables'.


That said I am a converted  clip+Rockbox fanboy, so it is of course the best sounding thing in the world.


Hope you find your portable nirvana, i am sure there is something just right out there for you..

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I never found the clip+ to be veiled either. I'm pretty happy with my clip+. I wish it had something like 40 hour battery since it is really small but that's not going to happen. It's one of the better purchases I've made this year. 8GB for $40 on a local sale was definitely worth it for me. I was never a fan of sansa until I got the fuze rockboxed but even then it wasn't that good until I got the clip+. While I realize it won't compare to any decent transportable or home dac/amp connected to your pc it does a great job at what it is. It is relatively flat and doesn't have a bass rolloff which I hated from when I had the cowon d2. It is better than my netbook output however but that's not saying much.


My clip+ with Rockbox does the job for me without adding any amp to the mix. There are few portable setups smaller than my clip+ with whatever phone I'm using that day. I'm happy with it and won't be getting any upgrade for portable except maybe another dap in the future just in case something happens. I may very well get another clip+. I've also had no issues with the build quality of the dap. It has done a great job since my ownership of it. Of course YMMV.

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I just bought a clip+ and love it for the price/how small it is. I am also thinking about purchasing an Fiio E5 amp but wonder if it will add anything to the sq. Basically is it worth the extra $20 or is the clip+ better off on its own. Main use for this will be ultra portable player and coupled with my Yuin pk3 and every once in a while my Triple.fi 10 pros. Has anyone used this combo and thought that the clip+ was better off without the e5 or that it was a needed improvement in sq?

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Some people say it helps, others say don't waste your time and you actually degrade the original SQ of the Clip+ using one.

All in all my opinion is the only reason you would buy and use an E5 would be for the bass boost feature.

When I bought my Clip+ I looked into pairing it with an E5 and decided against it.

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Thanks ^^^^ I think I'll go your route and just stick to a Clip+ as the source. Less to carry and I don't seem to need more bass (besides, that's what the rockbox eq is for )

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I bought a clip+ with the PX-100-II and had the settings set to high. Sounded not impressive. Set to normal. Not a huge difference. Rockboxed it, not much better and more complicated. I still vastly prefer my first gen iPod shuffle to it and I'm not an Apple fan either.

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what do you mean by putting the settings on 'high'? All I see is the equalizer, which is set on normal.

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