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se425 and se525 cables

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Hello - it's been awhile since I've posted, but I've really been enjoying my iems. Between some of the high IEMs I've tried, I happened to like the sound signature of the Shures, but I couldn't stand their cable. Not only were they prone to cracking, it was heavy.


so my question is, are there any good photos out there that will give a good indication of how heavy/light the new cable will be? for example, the westone 3 cables are so light that I thoroughly enjoy working out with them.


Another concern is that with the moldable ear loop, it might be abrasive with glasses wearers. This was an issue with the super-fi series so I had to eliminate them from my short list as well.


Any suggestions / resources?



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Anyone? I believe the SE525s are available now.

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I ordered my SE425's off ebay 2 days back.. Will give some feedback when they get here. Shipping will take 6 days I guess...

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