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Odd question: Sleek Audio SA1, Thinksound Rain, or Panasonic RP-HJE900?

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Now based on price alone, obviously the Panasonics are a bit of a (price) class over the other two, but I suppose my question would be at their given respective costs, which is the best deal?


At Amazon.com,


Panasonic HJ-R900's are $130

Sleek Audio SA1's are $79.99

Thinksound Rain's are $63.66


I listen to Jazz, classical music, rock/classic rock, a tiny bit of hip hop, and a tiny bit of pop. Thanks!


Edit: Just to clarify, since I've seen a post or two on this board about people being upset with new people posting recommendation questions, I searched for information on all three of these IEMs, and found them all individually, but I'm more curious about a direct comparison between the three with price in mind. The HJ-R900's were recommended to me before, but I was just curious if these others would be worth their salt against them with the lower price. 

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Bump, sorry, I don't know your policy on bumping here (I tend to go with one consecutive bump once the post reaches the bottom of the page), but I'm looking at ordering my phones tomorrow so I can get them by Wednesday. Again, any help is most appreciated.

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does it have to be from these 3 iems?  and does it have to be from amazon?

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It doesn't have to be from these three, I suppose I should've mentioned that I'm open to anything within that price range, and Amazon, while not a necessity, can provide $5 overnight shipping thanks to a free trial of Amazon Prime, and I need to be able to receive the phones by Wednesday, as I leave for the military school of music on Thursday morning, and I'd really like to have some good phones (not the $10 over-ear Sony's I've had laying around since my EX75's got washed...). 


These three just showed up a few times in my searches and all seemed to get pretty decent reviews. But really, I don't even know if the Panasonics are a viable options since I just recently found out they're through J&R's not Amazon themselves, so I don't know if they have the overnight option. 


I would say most important to me is something with a wide range of realistic reproduction of sound, nothing artificially bass-y. Purity of sound for the jazz/classical reproduction would be best, as they're what need the most accuracy in my opinion (classic rock et al don't require the same level of fidelity to appreciate for me). 

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I would go with the Panasonics or Thinksounds. If you don't care about all the fancy features and extra bling of the SA1, they really don't offer $80 worth of sound. The Thinksounds are a great deal - very clear, well balanced, slight emphasis on the midrange, tight, punchy, good sparkle, and so forth. The Panasonics are also very impressive at their price point but different - lots of bass, lots of treble. People have often found them too have too much of either, though I think they're very fun in a 'club music' sort of way and quite proficient technically. A surprisingly natural timbre and great speed are two of the HJE900's strengths. There's a link in my sig for reviews of all three.

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Thanks a bunch for the response, I'll go through your reviews right now.

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I agree completely with Joker, having heard the both the Panny and Thinksound extensively. Personally, I find them both to be about an equal value, but I don't have that much experience with IEMs. The Thinksounds are a good deal more mid centric, and have a very "smooth" sound to them. It's almost as if you could imagine what wood IEMs would sound like, those are it. I think they may be better suited to your mentioned genres because of the mid-centricness. However, the Panasonic's are overall the technically better headphone, and I listen to all the genres you do and still like them very much with those.

On matters unrelated to sound, the Panasonics also have replaceable cables and the earpieces are ridiculously durable(except for an unfortunate issues with filters falling out, but thats easy to deal with). Both are very pretty in person, with more perhaps more props going to the Rains because of classyness.

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