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what headphones to get?

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i want to buy some good headphones for my ipod touch.

i listen to rock/metal, and also techno/trance/electronica.

i'm thinking about either the shure srh440/srh840.

i'm mostly gonna use them at school/on the bus and stuff.

i really don't know anything about amps, so i don't feel comfortable buying one. but if someone has a good, portable solution that would be great.

i have heard that bass is lacking in these headphones through reviews, but i don't think that will be a problem for me.

thanks in advance for any help. i open to suggestions.

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What's your budget ceiling? Do you prefer open types or closed-backs (for more isolation)? The Audio-Technica ATH-M50 (can be had for $100) is a better choice than either of those Shures IMO. The SRH440 sounds too flat/cold, while the SRH840 is a bit too heavy on the head plus it needs an amp to sound good.

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my budget is under $200. i prefer closed backs (cuz of the noise at school and on the bus), and circumaural (over the ear).

have you tried the shures? and i'll need to do research on those headphones you recommended

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