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If you could own ONE amp it would be ____?

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What is your favorite amp that was the one that you wish you would of bought first?

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I mainly listen to my music on the go, so my answer is obviously a portable amp.

If I could have only 1 amp it would either be the Qables iQube or the Headstage Arrow.

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Don't you think you'd have more success in the portable amps forum?

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I started with portable as well....


then i moved to full size for home listening, and i love the synergy between my HD650's and my HA-160. 

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My RSA B52 (with good tubes), no question. The sound is beautiful (especially when it warms up).

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The Moth Audio Si2A3.  It runs what is just about my favorite tube (the 2A3), powers all of my headphones and I can hook the K-1000 to the speaker taps on the back.  It'll run efficient speakers, too.  I had the ESS AMT-1s connected for a bit - just wonderful to have so much versatility from an amp that sounds so remarkably good.

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Balanced Beta22 of course :p

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Headamp GSX

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Either GHP V9, SPL Auditor or Trafomatic Head one. I know I would be happy with the first two. The Trafomatic I haven´t got yet. I do need it´s sub out and dual inputs plus pre amp functionability so I am cheering for that one lol

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The RWA Signature 30.2

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Single Power Concerto ES with Singleended output, HE60 output and Stax output :)

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Harman-Kardon Citation 22 w/Citation 21 preamp...

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I guess it will be Eddie Current ZDT

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Dyn-O-mite. Bay-bee.


I think I'm in the mood to trade for an F1 though.... or something.

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