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Bad headphones...

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Just wanted to start a thread on headphones that should not be bought because of one reason or another... in truth, i wanted to make sure that nobody else gets ripped off buying overpriced stuff like i did so i'll start the list with Urbanz block dj headphones... they cost about S$90 and don't sound too good, cables go bad after a while(3 weeks) and looks ugly....^^

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Many (if not all) headphones/earphones by Skullcandy. They are overpriced for the quality and are mainly built for looks. I own the Asym and Ink'd and they are terrible, definitely not built for SQ. If you buy Skullcandy, the money you spend is going into looks and not quality.


Beat by Dr Dre (Monster) maybe? They have some good aspects but are mostly built for show, and cost about $280.

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Many here are probably going to suggest - and rightfully so - models by Bose and Monster.

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I had some students who are twins and each got some Wesc headphones on the same trip.


I asked if I could try them, plugged them into my Bitperfect, and thought... ugh, these sound worse than my Sony MDR-V150s, which are the worst headphones I've ever owned.  Then I let them listen to my DBI Pro 700.

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I wouldn't say some Bose and Monster are bad headphones. Monster Solos are absolutely terrible though.


The noise canceling from some of Monster and Bose are top notch; however, very fatiguing.

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Of course this is all very subjective and to the individuals preference. I am sure there are people out there who love the Bose sound. I am not one of them but if someone enjoys listening to Triports then that's fair enough IMO.


I use mine for the isolation when drumming and have had to re-solder a new cable once already so the build quality is not up to scratch in my experience with them.

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sony mdr-nc7.

their cheap noise cancelling headphone.

it is awful.  just awful.


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I think the review section will be a lot more useful once it's more populated.  At this point, it seems that people are mostly writing reviews of the things they use often and enjoy.


This, of course, totally makes sense, since who would buy something horrible just to write it up?

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Products made by Monster which is overpriced you're buying it because of the signature same goes for skullcandy, and the one you mention probably because of the design and build which i find it weak  the market is focused mostly on teens, as long they find it snazzy crazy psychedelic the kids will buy it

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Koss UR40, Sony V150, Skullcandy xxxxxx. Just some pairs I owned/used. They stand out as particularly terrible.

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Only headphone I purchased that was so bad I feel I need to warn people about it is the K81DJ... Torture instruments and way to much bass for my likings.


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The K81 may have too much bass and the comfort isn't great to start with, but with some bass reduction EQ and a little headband stretching they're actually not too bad for the price (UK at least) in my opinion.

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ultrasone ....

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Originally Posted by momomo6789 View Post

ultrasone ....

Severely bad


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