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Though the DACport is an Adaptive USB implementation, all reviews say its a top choice.  I think the Pico's amp section would again be better than the DACport but for ultimate portability, you really can't go wrong with a DACport.

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Hmmm... dunno why nobody mentioned the Leckerton Audio UHA-6. Have a look!

You can find a little review and some opinions (amongst others from me) here. If you understand german (or know how to interpret the google-translator's gibberish ;)), you'll perhaps find my own review of the UHA-6 helpful, too. Heck, if your budget is tight, you could even consider a refurbished UHA-3, as it's dead silent, rock solid and well-built. I used the UHA-3 with my TF10 and Audéo PFE112 and was more than satisfied... you can find my review here. (again in german)




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Originally Posted by Trogdor View Post

The sound stage argument is a myth.  What happens is folks go balanced and the volume is louder since you have double the power on tap so it gets interpreted as greater sound stage.  With headphones in general, ESPECIALLY IEMs, balanced output makes very little sense.  I suppose once can argue about balanced GROUND but with IEMs, balanced output is a waste of time (I wish you could DBT say the Protector with a single-ended Protector, I would bet my JH-3A preoder you couldn't tell the difference).  One of the biggest myths perpetrated on this site by some vendors is that balanced == better when it comes to headphones.  There is a REASON why all the professional monitoring equipment has single ended headphone outputs (and its not because of cost).  You get very little gain if any when used with headphones.  Ok, rant over.



Well, the two amp sections are different overall, if I recall, and that would also have to bring cable differences (also contested territory) into it, for a double whammy/proving neither DBT.


If you supply the equipment I'd take that bet. =P


Also, you make a good arguement for not going balanced.  I'm still GOING to, mostly because placebo is an awesome awesome power, but it's fairly debatable territory.

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After listening to the RSA, HeadAmp, iBasso, and Leckerton portable amp/dac units I would choose the later two. Specially if money is an issue.

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