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Which sony earphone?

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Hi there.  I was using the mdr-ex85 for 2 years until the right ear stopped working.  Although they are discontinued I can stil get them.


I love the bass of sony's earphones.  Nothing came close to my mdr-ex85's, for the price anyway...


I'm stuck between another pair of mdr-ex85 or mdr-XB40ex or mdr-ex300slb


Which one out of the 3 would you go for?  I can get them all for roughly the same price (£20)


Any help appreciated.  Thankyou

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I can only vouche for the XB40EXs ...............  Ive had them for about a month.  I love em..........for the price.  Great all around sound........strong bass............that does not crowd out the highs/mids.  For $60, they have 3 sets of tips, a nice case that zips and of course the buds.  I love great bass, and these have it.  I also have the Vmoda Bass Freqs........which have even more bass, but it also drowns out the mids/highs a bit.  I use them for the gym.  My Sonys are for all other times. 

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