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Review: Meelectronics M6

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I want to thank Meelectronics for sending out these amazing IEMs for review. Not only did they sent these out for me to review, they sent them out using USPS First Class which show you how great of a company Meelectronics is.


Introduction:  I'm a young audiophile who has grown a boundless addiction for great sound. I'm only in high school right now so it's quite a challenge for me to test high-end headphones like you guys. Therefore most of my reviews will be on low to mid end headphones.


Company Info:Meelectronics is a new company that produces some of the best headphones for the price. From my experience, they have some of the best costumer service. Their website can be found here


Product: Meelectronics M6 Clear, also available in Black and Maroon


Price: Retail: $50(Clear, Black) $30(Maroon)



  • Driver: 9mm driver (Not the same as the M9, confirmed with Meelectronics.)
  • Frequency Range: 20 – 20000Hz
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Connector: 3.5mm gold plated
  • Cable Length: 1.4m(4.6ft)


Equipment Used:

  • My custom-built desktop with a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium sound card
  • 32GB 3rd generation iPod touch
  • Fiio E5 amplifier


Packaging and Accessories:The packaging is a nice, clear plastic box. It is exactly the same package as the M9’s with the exception that the paper slip inside is for the M6’s. It is easy to open unlike those annoying clamshell packages that some other companies use. Simple and gets the job done. Like the M9’s, the M6’s comes with a plethora of accessories. There is a shirt clip, a cord wrapper, airline adapter, a carrying case, and 4 sets of tips. 3 pairs of different sized single flange tips, and one pair of triple flange tips.DSC01574.JPG


 Build Quality: These are absolutely some of the most beautiful IEMs that I have ever seen. The clear housing makes them very unique and eye-catching. These are by far one of the most aesthetically pleasing IEMs that are available on the market The M6's build quality is pretty good. The housings are made of a clear plastic that seems to be pretty durable. The cable shares the same design as the M9’s, a braided cable a plastic/rubber coating. Except the braiding for the M6’s is metallic silver. The plug is a 90-degree, gold plated plug. I prefer the 90-degree style plug over the straight style plugs because they last longer and fit better in pockets. I feel that the build quality is not as good as the M9’s. Nonetheless, the build quality is still very good.



Isolation: I used the medium single flange tips because they fit me the best, the triple flange tips are just too small; it would have been great if a bi-flange tip similar to the M9’s were included because those tips fit the best for me. The M6’s do an average job at isolation, they block out some sound, but it still feels like I can hear everything. The isolation is definitely sufficient for bus rides and activities with similar sound levels.


Comfort: These IEMs are very comfortable. They are the best IEMs for lying in bed with; they are even better than the M9’s which I thought were extremely comfortable to lay in bed with. The memory wire helps reduce microphonics and keeps them in place very well, making the M6’s an excellent choice for working out with.


Sound Signature:I had ran around 20 hours of burn-in time using pink noise and frequency sweep files. I have been listening to them for about a week. The sound signature is very, very similar to the M9’s.

  • Bass:Like the M9’s, the bass is the strongest point of the M6’s. The M6’s has more bass quantity and depth when compared to the M9’s. Bass quality is about the same, very clear and punchy.
  • Midrange: The Mids are alitte bit recessed. Not as recessed as the M9’s, but they are indeed recessed. However the Mids are also very enjoyable.
  • Highs:The highs are definitely better than the highs of the M9’s. They are very detailed and crisp, definitely worthy too listeners who like a lot of details. The highs have no harshness unlike the M9’s which have a bit top end harshness.
  • Soundstage: The soundstage was good; airy and there was good instrument separation.
  • Conclusion: These headphones are great for bass heads and detail listeners. Terrific headphones for working out with.



  • Enter Sandman by Metallica: The song sounds very powerful with these IEM’s. The bass is great, and the electric guitars sound fantastic.
  • Fake Palindromes by Andrew Bird:This song really shows how detailed the M6’s can be, the vocals were very detailed and pronounced.  The song also tested the speed of the M6’s, which was actually pretty good. The M6’s could keep up with the jumble of instruments quite well.
  • Fade to Black by Apocalyptica:A cello cover of the heavy metal song by Metallica; the long sustained low notes of the cello is just amazing, the bass just engulfs you.


Amped vs. Unamped:Amplification of these earphones does not make a huge difference due to the fact these earphones are relatively easy to drive because of its 16 ohm impedance. With the Fiio E5, I did not notice any huge differences in sound.


Comparisons: The M6’s is a step above the M9’s even though they share the same sound signature. The M6’s has better bass and is more detailed than the M9’s. The M6’s are definitely better than my Ultimate Ears 3 and my Shure se110’s.


Conclusion: The M6’s are great workout or causal IEM’s for $50. The Maroon ones at $30 should be an absolute steal. They definitely can compete with higher end headphones that are in the $100+ range.


Verdict: For $50: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED  For $30: It’s a steal, get it ASAP!

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Nice write up!  Pretty much concur w/ everything.  I do think the E5 adds just a touch more body and detail rendering, but not huge at all. 

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is the cae a hard case or a soft case?

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I wouldn't call it a hard case, as many reviewers have, but it's firm enough to hold its shape. Like tiny luggage.

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Is the case the same as the one on the M9 with the 45 degree angle? If it is the case is ok but nothing great. I prefer the clamp case that Shure has so the UE one but I've been using some sony case that I got in a package.


Has the M6 always be a right angle plug? I remember mine being different but I can't really remember since it's been a while since I sold it.

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I was wondering cuz the case that came with the monster coppers is soft....and I'd prefer a hard case to protect them when in my backpack.  I was thinking about getting one of those cheap cases from ebay


since i bought some m6's from the for sale forum here and was wondering if i could use that case from the m6.

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Those are pretty much what the sound magic case is. If it's the same which is probably the case with the exception of brand name taken off that is an excellent case. I use that with my DBA 02 and provide excellent protection if you put it in a bag when not in use during the day which is exactly what I do.

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The plug on the M6's has always been a 90 degree angle i believe.

The case is not a hard case but it does hold it's shape pretty well, kind of like a laptop case, it is definitely not soft.

If you want a hard case just use the tin for altoids mints.

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I just got my m6's are quite possibly the most comfortable earphones I own.  Bass is a little owerpowering.... mids were there but nothing to special....high's we're decent enough.  Great isolation.  Using the white hybrid foam tips ( i think thats what they are) from my Monster Turbine Coppers.

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