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Tour de France 2010

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The first stage of the 97th Edition of the Tour de France is history. The 2010 Tour de France that began with the prologue in Rotterdam today is in the books. This Tour is shaping up to be an exciting one (as if there is any other type!). If you're watching the Tour, post your comments and your observations here. Is this going to be an epic battle between Armstrong and Contador or is all of that simply hype? Who do you think will win? Where will the big moves be made? Who's got the best team? Twenty-two teams from Holland to Belgium and through France to the finish at the Champs-Elysees. We've got three weeks, 20 stages, and 2200 miles to discuss the possibilities!

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Our hopes are with Bradley Wiggins who I would say is our first real contender for years.

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Personally, I think the Armstrong-Contador rivalry is hype - I think Contador is too strong. Having said that, if any rider is capable of springing a surprise it would be Armstrong.


Ivan Basso was so strong in the Giro, if he keeps up that standard of climbing I think he will win.


Outsiders: Wiggins, Sastre, Brajkovic, Evans, the Schlecks...


Can't wait for the mountains!

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Wiggins and Basso are definitely contenders. Some spectacular crashes today...I haven't heard that anybody is seriously hurt. These sprints on the flat stages are getting crazier every year...

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Man, another crazy day of crashes. I liked the "protest" finish. Sometimes I wonder if they design some stages in the "hope" that crashes will occur and boost viewer interest...? Apparently some of the cyclists think so...

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According to BBC Sport Astana blamed a fuel spill on the road for all the crashes. What exactly was the protest against? I the roads were simply dangerous because they were wet then does part of the responsibility lie with the riders to race safely?


In any case, respect to Cancellara for sitting up and waiting for the main contenders, even though it cost him the yellow jersey.

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I don't know what the protest was about. The television commentators were characterizing the finish as a protest at the same time they were saying that it was unjustified. If it was an actual protest, it must have been meant as a statement about course conditions which were prone to cause accidents...

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After a day of sliding off the road, the cobbles really opened things up. I like the T de F when it is in Belgium!

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Contador FTW

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Great ride on the cobbles by Andy Schleck, Cadel Evans, Contador and Wiggins.


Shame about Frank Schleck, though it might end up playing to Andy's advantage.

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What do you guys think of Thomas Geraint so far? Will he win anything?


EDIT - Geraint Thomas even!

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Originally Posted by Mr.Sir View Post
Great ride on the cobbles by Andy Schleck, Cadel Evans, Contador and Wiggins.


Shame about Frank Schleck, though it might end up playing to Andy's advantage.

That's for sure, on both counts. That was an exciting stage of a bicycle race! Unfortunately, I haven't been paying attention to Thomas Geraint. Andy Schleck has been impressive. How about Alessandro Petacchi? I thought that his stage win days were over...

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His name is Geraint Thomas; I think he is relatively untested in a road race at this level. It will be interesting to see how he does in the mountains.


Petacchi was very impressive - I also thought he got lucky winning stage 1 and the stage in Switzerland because of crashes.

I was surprised at Cavendish and Hushovd being well off the pace. Tyler Farrar wasn't contesting the sprint either; one wonders if he could have been taking the victories.

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Go Hushovd!

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Go Mark Cavendish! Back on form after a disappointing start.

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