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Now we're talking! Did you try coax too?

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Originally Posted by JecklinStax View Post

Now we're talking! Did you try coax too?

nad51 "has to use coax connection" since the hdmi interface on nad is completely difference thing compared with hdmi on di2014

the hdmi on di2014 is IIs (i2s) signal so the hdmi acts as interface only and they use completely difference internal configuration


to give you some more reference, compare to my master7 using built in usb, the nad51 is in 1 or 2 lower bracket

but with di2014-->m7 compared with di2014-->nad51 the gap is much much closer, now nad51 occupies same bracket, i would say tonal wise very similar, m7 only has slightly advantage over layering and a bit more micro detail that does not present in every tracks, only very few careful records could show the difference in micro details.

the most important factor is di2014 help reducing digital feeling with nad and makes it sound more analog, more natural and smoother :)

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Thanks xxxfbsxxx,

You have convinced me that the DI 2014 could provide a much better usb sound from the pc than the M51. I already knew the M51 usb input isn't very good. Dull and not very transparant.
I mostly listen to music with a Logitech Squeezebox Touch connected to the M51 with a coax cable (Belden). This works absolutely fine. HDMI from my Blu ray / SACD player to HDMI M51 is excellent too.

I just wondered if the DI 2014 could improve the interface between the Touch and M51 (Touch coax --> DI 2014 --> M51 coax,
or: Touch usb --> DI 2014 --> M51 coax)


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I recently started using my di2014 in the USB mode. Taking input from my PC. For several days I ecperienced bad echo, chopping and motorboarding noise from only the USB in, spdif works perfect. I finally solved it by reloading my audio-gd driver and updated my pcan USB driver. Just wondering if others had experienced similar issues,.
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