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Thank you good idea. I asked Kingwa about the I2S working with the North star DAC but he said he said he did not know. But I sent a request asking if the unit will upsample to 24/192 on the I2S output.

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It's definitely an upgrade over the stock USB32,  more clarity, naturality and details on the mid and highs  but I feel something strange with the bass, it doesn't go that low or hit that hard, it has loss presence (it's tighter though and has more SQ to it), I think it may have to do with the DI-2014 not being burned in at all or the i2s cable. When I asked for my unit they shipped it in two days.

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I bought mine on July 31st....was sent on August 22nd and arrived in Montreal 4 days later....

The unit becomes very very hot (which surprised me).... I'll ask Kingwa if I may leave it on the REF5 without problems.....

Not burned yet, but I know there's an improvement over the original DI I own....

More to come

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Got an update from Kingwa. They are willing to remap the I2S output to match the I2S input on my North Star Design 192 DAC. That is some true customer service that you do not see from many companies. I thought I would have to build a custom cable to do the remapping.


Kingwa also stated that the unit does not do up sampling but does pass the signal up to 394. So I would have to do the up sampling in the media player, which Sonos does not do. The NSD 192 DAC needs a 24/192 input to enable the I2S input so I am out of luck here using a Sonos as an input.


So I thought I had a solution to use the I2S input on my DAC but looks like the up sampling has changed that.  I guess I could just use the spdif input but was really hoping for an I2S solution.

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I have owned the North start dac 192 - a couple of year ago - i was using it with the Teralink X2. 
I just used a short rj45 cable - and plugged it in to the DAC 192 - it worked flawless. 
It did not require the signal to be 192 - the only difference between the i2s input and the other inputs was that the i2s input would not be upsampled. 

So when i got the sound from i2s i would be eg. 44.1 and the upsample button did not work. 


So unless northstar has changed this (my was a revision 1) it should work with the audio-gd. 


I am acutally considering buying a North start dac 192 again and the DI 2014 - and them make kingwa reconfigure the i2s output - 


I will post if i managed to get everything in line :) 




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