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without the driver TE8802 functions in adaptive (not asynchronous) mode

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Does that mean poorer sound quality?
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it doesn't mean that without drivers it sounds bad, it's just that with them the sound has more clarity and wider soundstage.

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Running windows 7 with the tenor chip my computer would not wake up from sleep at all. Used the latest drivers and older drivers. Anyone help with this so I don't have to manually unplug it each time? 

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I received my DI last March so it was previous version DSP-3 usb input only and had not use until now.

Hooking it to my laptop windows 7,  I get the message "One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and windows does not recognise it. Same message in all three ports. So attaching the digital cable from DI to a AD1865 DAC input, makes no music and the led indicating digital input received on DAC does not go on.

Do you think my DI is faulty or do I need to do something myself

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Which version of the driver did you install? (and you should install it before you plug it in)

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Actually did not install any driver.

I thought a driver was needed for the newer version.

Anyway, which one should I install?

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On this page http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/dac/TE8802/TE8802EN.htm


Download Version 1.0


Make sure your DI is unplugged during the install. After the driver installs, restart computer and THEN plug in the DI

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Thank you, I had no idea

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This DI should be built in TE7022.

If power supply by the USB port from the computer, the USB cable must have enough strong for transfer the power to the DI .

So there is have not driver install necessary, and can try the good quality printer USB cable .

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Does anyone in the US or Canada have an Audio GD TXCO (24.576MHz) Upgrade Clock that they would be willing to part with?



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Guys I just saw all versions from the digital interface were discontinued....

Does it means a new product with USB32 is coming ? Or no more Sources devices from Audio-GD ?

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Ask Kingwa this

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Originally Posted by tim3320070 View Post

Ask Kingwa this

Maybe he comes here to answer himself if he sees it...

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Yepz Guys!!!  Heard from the man himself!

Kingwa told me the DI V3 with USB32 is ready and that it's so low jitter that a DSP won't be needed at all....


They are to lunch it next week and the website will be updated!

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