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To buy or avoid?

Poll Results: Fake or not?

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    Run away from it!
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    Take a chance on it!
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Was on ebay looking for Sen IE8 to pair with my D2. Some are selling at disapportionally low prices. In the past I've came across fake Sen CX500 - though are these too good to be true?


The seller's feedback isn't too solid, but do you guys think these are fake? Don't think  I couldn't bare low quality IEM for much longer.

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Oops, I clicked the wrong button. 


They look very fake. Never buy shipped from china on electronics on ebay. Bad idea. Too cheap. Ugh.


They don't even look remotely right. What's with that case? You can't expect to get $400 headphones for $20. (or whatever the GBP equivalents are.)


Oh, and along with not buying from china, don't buy anything marked "OEM."

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Definitely fake.


after reading the thread above iv become way more sceptical about ebay especially for ie8's and es7s. On my search for cheap headphones I remember running into a dodgy Chinese manufacturer site selling fake $8 es7's and es9's in lots of 100 lol . Always worth buying from a authorized seller.

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