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well if your talking the top HDTVs panasonic and Samsung are at the top sony is good but not one of the top 5 .sony dont come close to panasonic or Samsung  in HDTVs. i know if you have  bought  any bad item befor from any company you tend to not want to buy from them agin i bought a  panasonic sound system to match my tv it was a peace of crap i returned it the next day and got a PARADIGM system  so i am trying to say that some companys sell good and bad products they all have there money makers and then they slack on the rest of there line of products. but the Samsung P3 can keep up with the bigboys like the  zune hd,sony x series,cowon s9, ipod touch

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Yes, you are right, but being an Electrical Engineer, it bothers me when other EEs put in parts that are so under-rated.  Samsung has been doing it for years.  I got off lucky, googled the problem and I know how to solder & ordered the parts on E-bay, opened up TV, pulled out Power Supply and replaced the capacitors (caps).  Other people paid 200 to 300 to get their TVs fixed.  Look for the Samsung, TV starts clicking and then will no longer turn on problem.


Anyways now that I have a new Sony mp3, I was going to ask about head phones or IE's, which I never even heard of before now.  What would be a good headphone.  Right now I cannot spend too much money, would like it to be around $50, not over $100.


I have no clue about headphones, I do have some expensive Sony noise isolation headphones I bought a few years back when I was traveling a lot.  They worked pretty good but are very bulky, I don't use them now.  I was looking for something less bulky.

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Klipsch S4 real good SQ and good sound isolation but they need about 15- 24 hours of burn in time there about $50-$80  KOSS PORTA PRO cheap but very good SQ but no sound isolation $25-$60

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I don't know, I have great luck with Sony over the years, TVs, computers, mp3s.  But I had to replace some capacitors in the Samsung HDTV that was just a little over 1 year old (just over the warranty).  Seems like they put 10V Caps in 16Vcircuit so they leak then blow out.  I am not impressed with Samsung.

x2  Samsung is 95% crap.  Nice commercials and pretty packaging though.

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