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Good sounding portable mp3 player, not clip+

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Hi, I know this has probably been asked a million times, but hoping for some help.


I want a mp3 player with either sd expansion or lots of flash and plays flac and is under $250.  Speaker would be nice at work after hours.  My ears do get tired of headphones.


I was all settled on the Sandisk clip+ then read this:


While doing due diligence found the following on wikpedia, is this still true? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SanDisk_Sansa


Some Sansa Clip and Clip+ models suffer from a firmware bug which causes the audio playback of files with 44.1 kHz sampling rate to be too slow, resulting in audio being off pitch by between 19 and 20 cents, or 0.247%, which is significantly greater than other MP3 players tested at the same time. However, the deviation from true pitch is small enough so that adults with average and below average pitch recognition may not notice it. A workaround is resampling the audio files to 48 kHz, at which the bug becomes barely noticeable. At one point, SanDisk stated that they would not fix the bug, but it seems to have been fixed in a more recent firmware for the Clip only. The bug still exists in the Clip+ models.


Needless to say, I received no answers on the Sandisk forum, so am looking for another mp3 player.

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Regarding the Clip + pitch error , it depends on how sensitive to pitch you are.

It is not something that has consciously bothered me, though i would prefer 'perfect' technical specs.

I believe a rockbox fixes this now, but not sure, i have lost track of all the mods going on with it!

Rockbox is another great reason to go for the clip  besides its already great performance.


No doubt there are other great sounding players that would suit your needs,i am sure others will

chime in with their recommendations.

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You did receive an answer over at the Sansa forums:




But, if you'd like, as Setmenu suggested, Rockbox your Clip+ and problem(s) solved.

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Get the Cowon J3.  Sound quality beats the Sansas into a pulp and its great for videos and ticks all the boxes you listed.

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From the Rockbox site it says it is not quite done for the clip+ and depends on the version you get.  Who knows what version?


I am very partial to sony, love their gear, right now I have the NWZ-W252 for trying to stay in shape (hard for a lady in her 50's).

Great player but filled up the 2GB the first week.  These are the best for running and working with equipment, no wires and sweat does not affect the player.  The ear plugs stay in place.  I highly recommend them for working out or playing/working in the Sun (great for Florida).


I found $250 in paypal account from EBAY so I am looking around that price range, no more.


Thanks for your comments, Teresa

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Get the J3. You will not regret it.

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My Sony X-1061 is for sale, $250.00, and you PM'd me. Just let me know what you want to do.

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I really wanted sd slot or max memory >= 120 GB.  I am seriously looking at the J3.  I do love Sony but not sure about 32 GB.  Do you take paypal?


What's your best price? I can only do paypal.

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I sent you a PM, and said what I was willing to except. Remember, when you pay me I get hit w/a charge from PayPal, so I don't even get the total that I've charged.


Besides, I ONLY use PayPal anyways.


Read your PM, then PM me back please,.....................

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Got your PM, I accept your offer. The ball is now in your court,..................

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Paid by Paypal, thanks for the good price!

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And I need you to check your PM's, as I need conformation on your info. Also, I've received payment, and I want to say thank you - the Sony will be shipped by 9AM on Monday morn, and I'll send you the tracking info.


Great doing business w/you!!!



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All done, Sony X-1061 sold, and thanks beachgeek!!!

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hi you should have got the Samsung P3 $100-$120 the sound is about the same if not better then Sony X-1061

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I don't know, I have great luck with Sony over the years, TVs, computers, mp3s.  But I had to replace some capacitors in the Samsung HDTV that was just a little over 1 year old (just over the warranty).  Seems like they put 10V Caps in 16Vcircuit so they leak then blow out.  I am not impressed with Samsung.

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