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I really think it depends upon the source. The better the portable source the better the sound. I think portables can do much better than often believed if the source is truly improved but often a portable source isn't all the good. I use lossless with optical out to the MB-1 dual dac to a portable and get excellent sound. Much better than the standard portable source, even if lossless, due to the good dac conversion. 

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I think the problem I have is the headphone are not bassy and the D4 now has less middle and more highs if I remember what I read about it..


Two issues make a problem..


I just wish the AMP was tuned lower or I could order the opamp I wanted...

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Yep the 702/701s are really going to struggle on that amp. Possibly you should look at IEMs for that style portable amp/dac.
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for more info on opamps ask in here http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/432749/the-opamp-thread the are bajillions of the things.  changing them really can alter the entire flavour of an amp.

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OP, relax and let the D4 burn-in. Then re-analyze the sound both as an amp/dac via usb in or as a portable amp using the line into the D4.

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Thanks for the link did not find that thread on my search last night.......

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hi i have the d4 and the  Klipsch S4 they pair well you will hear big difference there about $50-80 i got on ebay for $44 the burn it time about 15-24 hours .or the  KOSS PORTA PRO cheap but very good with the d4 $25-$60 or better sorce/player check out  Samsung P3 about $110 or Sansa Clip Plus about $40 i hope this helps P.S the sq from the Samsung P3  is alot better then the iTouch  its so much better if you heard you would sell the iTouch





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Originally Posted by rarebear View Post


Thanks for the link did not find that thread on my search last night.......

yeah the new search on here is useless but i had that thread saved.  lol that thread i think is a whole new head fi in itself in terms of learning curve.

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I just recieved my Monster Turbine Por Coppers and this AMP still has way to much high end.

The email from iBasso said it lost the mid vocals and had more transparent highs to my ears it has all highs and little middle and lows...


The gaim is just that like adding a few DBs not no real bass all I hear is more volume...


I contacted Ron and the Top Kit is another $45 I'm ot sure if this is going back to China and I take the shipping lose or I just dump more money into it to get the parts tha should come with it in the first place...


 just watched a video on opamp chips and I am less happy let again...


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9.6v batteries will really help too, IMHO.

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Ron aka Hi Flight is sending me a OPAMP to check out and see if that gets me a little more in my groove..

That and sme burning in may help I hoe..


Thaks you all again

You all ROCK!

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If you heard something really different from your (what iPod is it?), that would have me worried. The D4 is quite a neutral amp. It isn't warm or smooth (distortion). If you want that sound, you have to go for valves. The D4 is excellent, but it isn't going to make your music into something that isn't there from the start. 


The MD will probably benefit very little form an amp (honestly) as do the Copper/Gold with an iPod touch for instance as the source is already perfectly good. You want to eliminate hiss? want to replace lost frequencies? Want to boost stereo separation/lower distortion? Then sell your iPod, buy a Cowon and pair the D4 with that. You should hear improvements from the rather weasly output of that machine.

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I WAS THINKING when I bought the AMP that the iPod being so small and full of features 1/2 of it a glass touch screen that the AMP in the iPod was not so great ... What I spent on a iTouch 32G I paid for the D4, I expected to hear something better than what comes from the jam packed iTouch..


For the money the D4 doesnt have touch screen, send emails, surf the web, wi-fi, play videos or games.

Some kind of  EQ  at the very least with a dial or maybe come with extra opamps would be nice..

I seen a video that said opamps only cost about $0.15 each in raw chip forum so I don't think it would be a deal breaker for iBasso..


If I cant get the sound I like with the Top Kit I'll live with my E5 till something better comes out :)

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It sounds like this is the wrong hobby for you at this point. Its not a hobby for someone who is gonna belly ache at the cost of hardware and not understand the pros and cons of different amps, dacs, headphones etc. In this hobby there is lots of trial and error, buying and selling. So, a flexible budget helps. Your not going to get your ideal listening setup right the first time. I didnt!

Maybe a pair of Dr. Dre headphones and your iPod should do it for you? Monster Turbines are a little above average in sound quality, but over priced for what they are.

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This maybe your hobby, but music has been a job and love since I was very young and I'm not that young anymore, I don't consider listening to music a HOBBY....


Here is what I think about Your Hobby.........


I heard Hendrix say: "Life Is Music and if you Miss Out I feel sorry for Your Gypsy Soul..."


By the way have you heard the NEW D4


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