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or not... redownloaded twice (once with flashget), the installer exe file is corrupted (they seem to have uploaded it fully though).


really feels like they're screwing with their users lol...
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I thought I'd take one nail out of the coffin.

The grounding issue described by me above is not MD11's fault. Generally it seems if I ground more than one unit in my system, I'll get a ground loop (cptn obvious reports). Switching the SRM-1 to a 2 prong plug fixed the ground loop.
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File timestamp: 18-Nov-2010 09:31

The setup is not corrupted anymore, but the build nov 16 drivers still take unusually long for windows to set up for the device after connecting md11 and the device never connects properly to the pc with the new drivers (musiland control panel never shows up, now is the device visible as an audio card to foobar), nor can you reflash it to the new firmware since the firmware file does not see the md11. (no device found)

when unplugging the USB or powering off the device, CPU usage spikes to 50% (2 cores, so 1 core at 100% I presume) and usb does not detect new devices plugged in.

fail...another 1/2 hour of perfectly good time
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oh dear. I was really interested in this one but oh the problems you guys are having are just terrible! 

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heh. was anyone else brave enough to try the new drivers/firmware? (maybe it's my unit that's not playing well?).

As far as I can tell, worst case scenario you risk a couple of reboots and reflashing the device to older firmware after uninstalling the new and reinstalling the old drivers.
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lol... instructions, you have them!

and that's why I couldn't upgrade and it was freezing.
.... I have no idea why they call it 'small' temp driver. it's still 24mb.
How we're supposed to know that we need to use the temp driver - I have no clue. Blessed be chinese bbs and google translate biggrin.gif
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Firmware upgrade process:
1) Disconnect md11, uninstall all old drivers (if you can't get rid of all of them, you'll need to clean out the inf, dll and sys files manually just in case, or run the original installers for the versions you have installed). Reboot

2) Download temp driver. Plug in musiland. Install the driver (if the device doesn't pick up the drivers, manually install them from device manager pointing to \Program Files\MUSILAND\MD Series\DriverBus for the musiland bus thingy in usb devices and MD11 in sound devices from \Program Files\MUSILAND\MD Series\Driver . Installation will take a bit longer than usual and apparently the device will reflash the firmware for the USB controller Don't reboot. (seriously, don't). You should see the musiland icon pop-up in the system tray is everything is ok.

3) Download and run the firmware: http://www.musiland.com.cn/downloads/utils/MlCyMDFlash.exe
Run it. This will update your device FPGA Firmware to 2.0

4) unplug the device. Uninstall the old driver. (Reboot.?)

5) Install the new driver.


1)Bugs were fixed? no idea what bugs.
2)You can now only have HP OR line out instead of both on. But you can control the vol for them separately. (to select, push the jog dial on the main screen and select the input/output). Some may have found the old way or an option to have both line/hp outs on to be very convenient (despite no separate vol control for each)
3) You CAN turn off have the device shut off the backlight after a timeout. (gooood...)
4) New meter in the control panel (for usb-in and digital in separately)...Still can't change vol from it though.
5) Mute from the device settings (long job dial press menu has been removed)
6) ??? I thought the HF roll-off was a tiny bit less, but don't quote me on that.

I'll check if there's still DC on line-out in a few hours.

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Nope. DC on line-out is still there. (hp amp is fine as before).

For those who'd like to confirm whether it's a problem with my unit or not:

1) Set your multimeter to mV-DC.
2) Measure either channel out of MD11 on line out
(red probe - ctr, black - edge).

I get about 70mv DC.

That gets amplified to about 70V DC on my SRM-1/mk2 that doesn't have capacitors on the input. It causes audible distortion (who knows, maybe can also damage your gear in the long term?).

Neither benchmark DAC1, nor Yulong D100 have/had ANY DC measured when I tried with them (neither on the line outs, not after the stax driver unit)

(If anyone else measures DC on line out, that means you might need input caps fitted onto your amp in or musiland out. Or maybe Musiland can fix it with a firmware update, but I doubt it/just don't know)
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Ive missed review about the sound of the dac line out.

Any comments about it?

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Review link on the first page describes. Even gives the RMAA measurements.
Personally I feel it's more mids focused or with comparatively more rolled off highs than BM DAC1 or Yulong D100. Nice tight/deep bass.

By the way 1, I found another nasty thing. The plate and the front is conductive and grounded. If you touch the plate and then brush your other hand at the back you will get a fairly unpleasant electric shock (e.g. if you want to stick in the usb cable or line in)... Might have been with both the unit on or off. (you can probably fry the unit itself, your usb hub, etc)

By the way 2,I talked to spritzer, and he says I shouldn't hope for a FW update to fix the DC on line-out issue. (as in it really won't).
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the muscles in my left hand (holding the md11 body) still hurt from the electric current,which makes me think it's probably a good idea to unplug it from the mains if you want to plug in the usb cable or rca cables . Or gift your MD11 to someone you dislike with a weak heart smily_headphones1.gif
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From what I read earlier, the DAC on this is about the same as the 02 US? I guess I'm sticking with my 02 US then. At least I know mine works all the time every time. lol

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For DAC chips: PCM1793 (US 02) instead of AD1853 (MD11), better psu (M11). Line out section seems to be similar.

Similar RMMA results for both on Soomal (the only thing is MD11 has about 2x lower % distortion figures than US 02).

MD11 seems to be turning on every time after FW upgrade.
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Originally Posted by svyr View Post



Bet some people will complain about 





Clock jitter (44.1kHz): S / PDIF less than 200PS, USB, MULINK less than 100PS

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The link you provided is very useful, Now I have a more clear idea about it.
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fresh drivers & firmware:

http://www.musiland.com.cn/downloads/utils/MlCyMDFlash.exe (same version, different binary :\ about 2x the size of the old one)

as always, change logs, or driver/fw page rss are beyond musiland

can't see any visual difference between v 1.0.20 drivers and 1.0.30 (except for the version in device properties in device manager biggrin.gif )
can't see any visual difference on the device re: firmware (not even a version change)
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