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How's good are the AD1853 and the OP275? 

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The dac chip is ok, the opamp is bleh. $1/pc. Having said that, the opamp specs are nice (can drive 600ohm headphones, low noise, suitable slew rate), esp for a dual one, but it seems like the circuit has to be built right for them to hold.


On the other hand, the circuit design is probably more of a deciding factor, and I really can't comment on that one. (I presume by 'Class-I' musiland mean Class A)


Again, the review above talks about both the opamp and the DAC, just read it.

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just boght it from fleabay, have heard this machine, the sound is really transparent, like crystal, the bass is resilient.

it delivers a nice reproduction, even for normal MP3 files on PC.


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It's somewhat irritating that there is no duplication of controls on the musiland control panel vs the unit screen/knob (e.g. switching inputs from there). Sometimes it's a bit of a bother to fiddle with the knob - long press, two short presses, rotate left, short press, rotate left. Sounds like a mortal combat combo. 

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I'm possibly having a problem with line out. When I connect it to my stax driver unit musiland outputs (line out) about 70mv of DC instead of no dc at all. (no dc from Cowon D2 though)


Would anyone possibly be able to measure the dc out their line out for md11 (preferably when connected to something)? 


alternatively, does anyone know enough Chinese to email musiland support/cross post it to their forums?

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FPGA firmware version: 1.e
New firmware version: 1.1

Writing to EEPROM
Writing Page 566...Successful
Press any key to continue . . .




Eeexcept after I reboot the unit, it still shows v1.e. That makes me confused



also, people aside from me are also having major grounding issues with the md11 and line out



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sorry to hear all your troubles...Musiland have everything that gives chinese gear a bad name, sloppy software, inexistent support, poor QA.

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heh, 02 us was ok. Aside from the buggy software. Although it's possible it was also giving off dc at the outputs...And that was the cause of the buzzing at high volumes on my srm-1 (now ok with some input caps on the cable). The md11 I have is probably defective, but I doubt it'd be easy to exchange it or get a refund. Also, hell knows if this is a firmware, or design or individual unit fault 

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there was also one more problem with the MD11 that seems to have gone away. 


The LCD had dots around the SR digits... Then they went away. 



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I know no one cares, but I think MD30 is being delayed. not sure why (sure hope it's to make sure there are no firmware,driver or design f-ups or DC on line-out)...but that seems to be the consensus on musiland bbs. e.g. http://bbs.musiland.com.cn/viewthread.php?tid=9236&extra=page%3D1  http://bbs.musiland.com.cn/viewthread.php?tid=9264&extra=page%3D1 



...hopefully they're too busy working to reply to my/shop's emails about the defects in MD11.

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new drivers/fw are out. mid of nov, instead of end


driver timestamp: 15-Nov-2010 15:54 fw timestamp: 15-Nov-2010 16:28

mmmm.... must test
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I ran the new MlCyMDFlash


(however, it did it instantly, unlike the v1.1 upgrade which took about 15 seconds... suspicious there)

It claimed to have updated the firmware to version 2.0.0 (device screen went blank with backlight on) then I rebooted the device about 5 mins later and the device screen is still blank with backlight on.

=( this is fantastic

and i can't reflash it again - windows sort of freezes when I plug it in - takes forever to install drivers and when it does, it doesn't unload the devices when I unplug the MD11 and then CPU usage goes up to 50% and never goes away until I reboot, even if I close all active processes and services.


Top top it off, until I reboot, no new devices are seen on the usb bus when I plug them in. At all.


I'll try on another pc/with the old fw, but I think it may be finally bricked.

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nah. doesn't work or reflash from another pc. same 50% cpu load and USB not working at all until reboot for any device.

f...g musiland. Dodgy firmware and drivers first,then firmware and drivers that probably bricked my device.

AWeeeesuuum. mad.gif
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If you break your md11 by reflashing it with 2.0.0 fw:

UN-install v1.0.20 drivers.
install v1.0.0.0 drivers.

downgrade firmware to the old file http://www.musiland.com.cn/downloads/utils/MlCyMDFlash.exe.bak (rename to exe) (make sure you installed the old drivers, otherwise your usb may die until reboot and your pc won't install the drivers for the FW update util to see your md11)

The update will say: FPGA firmware version 0.0, new version 1.1 (but install 1.e biggrin.gif again as above when I was trying it a long time ago)

After it updates, reboot the device.

Wait until musiland makes an update that works or someone explain what I was doing wrong.

for me (win vista, win 7 - 2 different laptops):
-the new driver prevents windows booting up when md11 is plugged in and/or freezes the usb device detection and take up an entire cpu core, until reboot if plugging in the md11 after booted up.
-the new firmware prevents the md11 itself from booting up.

-upgrading to new fw doesn't work from either driver versions after a reboot.

as the immortal signature of one of the Musiland bbs moderators 'Musiland - a little bit of progress every day' ... lol.
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lol... lovely, new drivers http://www.musiland.com.cn/downloads/drivers/MlCyMD_1.0.2.0_build20101116.exe
timestamp 16-Nov-2010 13:02

no new fw. guess I'll update the drivers and try updating the fw.
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