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Got the 4th in the series downloaded and playing as I type.  Sherlock's Daughter - great new band, great sound.  The "high def" download is only 48 khz, but I suppose 24 bit, not the 24/88 which the other 3 were released in.


Thanks again for providing this music Benchmark! I like the videos as well, its cool seeing the work behind the recorded music.

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I'm glad you're enjoying it!

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this is really good stuff, listening to all 4 tracks right now, very impressed. Can't wait for the next installment :)

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I'd like to see another installment as well.

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I really love that recording from sherlocks daughter but the "view more episodes link does not seem to be working for me, it goes the week 3 really quickly then it goes back to week 4. im using chrome if that makes a difference

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The problem is on your end. My install of Chrome works just fine. Running Chrome without any Extensions. 

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What a lovely project.  Producers and distributors (not just of music, but of any consumable culture) need to realize that not only do they make the world a better place by releasing complex and engaging samples from their projects, but they create participative groups who will be involved (and paying) followers later on.  The fact that Benchmark wants to expose people not just to a 5-second sample, but a documentary project that adds layers of content to the musical project as well, makes me think of them as audio lovers and music lovers, instead of just another manufacturing company.  It's the way of the future.

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These recordings have so much life in them.  I wouldn't have discovered the musicians on my own, but I routinely listen to and enjoy these songs -- thanks to this project.

Any chance that Benchmark would record full albums for these guys (or others) and sell them as 88.2kHz downloads?   I know, it's probably a hassle, but you do such nice work with the recording it would be great to get more where this came from.  And you obviously have good taste in music!

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It makes me very happy to see someone so interested and enthusiastic about the project! 


The future of the project is very-much in question right now.  We are trying to work it out very soon so that we can continue with the momentum that we've built thus far. 


Please continue to check back here (subscribe to this thread), as I will be sure to post any updates as they are available.


Thank you, again, for your support.


All the best,


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  Thanks so much for making this available This project is just amazing - videos are fascinating and the audio is spectacular. (And timely.  I just built a DAC so the 88/24 files were the first thing I really got to wring it out with!)


  Great cross section of artists, and I appreciate your introducing me to them.  I got to see Rubblebucket this weekend and their show was just as high energy as the recording session video.


  I hope you guys decide to continue - you're providing a great service to listeners and the artists.  That may not translate directly to the bottom line, but it sure makes Benchmark look good in my book.





PS The interlude in the Rubblebucket session where the keyboard player is tweaking the resonation filter on the synth convinced me I'm not in line for your gig.  While you were saying "Nope, down, up, up, Yeah, yeah!"  I'm going "Huh?  What happened?  Did it change?"  I'm guessing that won't help my resume?  atsmile.gif



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Good news:  This series appears to be back on.



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This is really interesting stuff! Thanks for posting it up.

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Fantastic. Thanks for letting us know. beerchug.gif

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Gosh, I feel like I've been waiting for ages!

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Hey y'all!!  Thanks for noticing! 


Also, a little birdie told me that there is an episode featuring the amazing Deerhoof coming out in late October. wink_face.gif




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