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Headstage Arrow vs iBasso D4

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I'm looking for a good amp to drive my k271's. I just bought a T3 but it distorted at volumes I'd like to be able to listen at, and I want something with a good bit more headroom. I had completely settled on an iBasso D4 but I've just started looking at the Headstage Arrow. I love the Arrow's rechargeable battery, and the D4's DAC, but I'm really most concerned with the amp stage of them both.

So, running from an iPod lod and driving a k271, which do you think would sound better?

edit: Also, I read that the predecessor to the arrow was actually designed with the k271 in mind. Is there any truth to this?
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I'm very happy with the way that the Headstage Arrow is driving my HD650, and I'm waiting on a D4 to arrive from elsewhere - should be here Monday / Tuesday next week, so can't post a comparison at the moment :)


I doubt you'll have any distortion issues at any volume with the Arrow. I'm using gain II (it goes I / II / III), and don't think I ever go above 30-40% on the volume control. Can't believe how powerful such a thin amp is!


It's definitely a lot better at driving my HD650 then than my old iBasso D2 Boa, but then as the D4 the potential of running from a 9V battery (I think the Boa only had 3.6V?) that could make a lot of difference. I've got the Topkit ordered too - not 100% sure of what it does, but probably worth a search if you haven't looked already :)

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Thanks, I think I'm leaning towards the arrow now. The biggest thing holding me back is that the d4 can run natively at 9v, but the Arrow ups the voltage from a 4.2v battery. Has anyone owned/heard both that could let me know how they compare head to head?
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