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Not had these a long amount of time, I think I'm the second owner now. Very good condition, one of the side grills is loose at the moment, the smaller end one not the main larger one, I'm fairly sure I can tighten it up I just need something small enough to do it safely.


Comes with the stand and adaptor, I think I still have the original box but not 100% on that.


Looking for £SOLD


Pictures will follow later today.


Also selling a Little Dot I+

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I'm looking for a set, what's the deal with the grill, why is it loose do you know?


Where abouts in the UK are you?

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Since I made this add I've actually got it secure again, it only needed twisting back into place with something soft. It was only loose because I removed a stray hair from inside there and hadn't tightened it up properly.


I'm in a small village about 20 mins from Leicester which is probably the biggest city near me.

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Do they have original receipt and any warranty left on them?



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I have to say I have no idea, I might be able to dig up the stuff that was in the box, for now I'll say there isn't though, I'll have a root around.


Oh but I know I never got the receipt.

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Sadly I can't find any of that lot. So no warranty.

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No worries, thanks for the quick response! Are there any signs of wear on them at all then?



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Nope, as new, they have been kept on the stand on my desk for the entire time I've owned them. No cracks in the leather band, no grill dents/dings and no paint chips/scratches that I can see. I've also found the original box lying around, not the outer sleeve but the main bulk of it.


There is a little bit of an indent on one of the pads because I wear glasses but its only about 1mm if that.


Pictures are up -

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That all sounds good mate. I'd go to £120 inc P&P due to the lack of warranty and information on age etc.



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All things considered thats a bit low for me tbh, they are under a year old, I know that much, the previous owner didn't have them for long and I've only had them a few months.


I think given the condition etc they are worth more than that.

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I never had the reciept, I can try contacting the previous owner for clarification.


I'm aware you can get a new set for £199 but thats quite a lot more than £120, US price comparisons aren't really worth doing due to exchange rates etc etc. Ones from the UK that are older I've seen doing for around the £150 mark.


£130 is closer but I'm not that desperate to get rid of them yet, its only to upgrade my amp which isn't urgent at all. I'll bear you in mind though but hold out for a bit more as I only put them up earlier today.

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Yep that's no problem! Hope you do get a buyer mate... if not, and I haven't got a set yet then just give me a shout

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Turns out I wasn't looking very well, the warranty card was in the box, I'll see if I can find out about the original reciept.

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Looks like warranty is out of the question now as the receipt doesn't appear to be anywhere.


Price now £140inc or £130 if you want to come and get them.

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