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IEM for trance music

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Hi everyone,

I need advice:
What IEM for a range of 80-140 €, for a guy listening trance / vocal trance, rather balanced with a slight trend in the bottom of the spectrum, choose?
I take a look at the Beyerdynamic dtx100 (I currently have a DT770 Pro and I am very pleased, this is why my eye are on this pair of IEM), perhaps the side of the Jays, but given the numbers of IEM proposed I don't know which to choose: /

Thank you


PS : sorry for my poor english I'm from France :/

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Well, while below your price range, Meelectronics M6 shine with trance. Then, Fischer Audio DBA-02 maybe?

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My experience with the M6 is that it's very good, but not great, except when it comes to trance/techno/'s like it knows. Like it was made for just that. I guess you could do better in your price range, though. A friend of mine speaks well of his Radius DDM.

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For Trance and electronic music you should check the Radius DDM. There are few reviews posted here on Head-fi.

Radius is one of best  sounding earphones for $200 price range. Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot guys ! I'll check them ;)

No more opinion ? :)

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ck10 if you can afford them.

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If you want clarity , try the Nuforce NE8. But it's kinda bass light from what I read.

The Nuforce NE7M seems to be more bassier.

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Thx again. I would add that the trance is a lot of more melodic than techno/dance so, yes skyflux , I want clarity :)

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