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Want to improve audio quality!

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Hi :-)


want to improve my audio quality at home. Having as source 96/24 BD Prime Network/BR Player. Digital to analog conversion is done by Arcam AVR600 which is also the amplifier. Sometimes I'am also using the Arcam as network-player because of its possibilty to get audio stream directly via own IP/network interface.


Now I'am thinking about getting a dedicated DAC to improve the sound further (even when its also very little). 


Do you guys think it's worth to buy an extra DAC for shifting the conversion from the Arcam to it? Which one do you recommend for this replacement? It should be around 1000-1500$ ...


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Linn Network Players are quite expensive, but most audio magazines are sure they are the best in terms of audio quality. What about comparing a Linn Majik DS with a Benchmark DAC. This is around 2500 Euro against 1500 Euro. When using an alternative cheap network player source (like a Dune BD Prime which has great compatibility and useability) paired with a Benchmark DAC can this combination keep up with a Linn Majik in terms of quality or even beat? What do you guys think?

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why not try setting up a linux box for digital stream into your dac.

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A Dune BD Prime is a Linux. But that's not about getting better quality.

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According to this thread: http://www.avforums.com/forums/arcam-owners-forum/1023633-arcam-avr600-stereo-dac-performance.html  you may hear a considerable improvement with a dedicated DAC driving the AVR600.  Of course the degree of improvement will depend on the quality of the DAC, but one of the posters was quite pleased with the SQ of his DAC Magic with Burston Opamp upgrades, at a cost of under 400 UKP.. (well under $1K)

Being a DIY fan myself, you could commission a AMB Gamma2 for under $500 that would give the Dac Magic a run for its money, or even a Twisted Pear Buffalo II at around $1200-$1500 that competes with many of the higher end commercial DACs..

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