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iBasso D4 back in Stock :)

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I just placed my order for the D4 Mamba

I have been searching the sales forum and checking their website evey few days and today I was happy to see this highly rated AMP back in stock YIPPY



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Does anyone know what difference the Nichicon MUSE capacitors will make, since they are apparently being subbed for UTSJ capacitors? Will this significantly alter the sound?

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I just read that after I posted and have been searching the web for info..


I am guessing the UTSJs are better as I think iBasso would have just switched asap and not stop production :(


Anyone care to offer an opinion as to how bad or good this may alter the SQ or general quality???

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I e-mailed iBasso, and this was their response:


"The D4 is made from hundreds components. We just change two capacitors.

There are some minor change in sound quality. I would say, with the UTSJ, the mid(vocal) is thicker. With the MUSE, the treble and transparance is better."
So, they admit there is a difference, but they say it may be better for it...I was really hoping to get the D4, based on the reviews here, but I may wait...don't know yet...
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I was reading fourms on line about the MUSE and is Nicholson's high end Cap for Power Supplies ( thats what forum posters where using them for) but I have no idea if  the old cap is better than the new or how much it may effect SQ  :(


iBasso also listed that it added the Muse to the D10s as well..

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Hmm. I would have thought that this is  something that would have warrented a different name or at least something like MK2 as any change is sound is going to make it a different product from the one previously sold!

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Nichicon Muse are a series of Audio capacitors 


The range of capacitors include


KZ -- Top of the range currently

FG -- Common name Fine Gold

KW -- Standard Audio

FW -- Standard Audio


On the FW series datasheet you could see that for High Sound quality choose KW and for Higher Grade choose FG series.

There are other types as well for audio like the ES bipolar series.


Off the different ranges, KZ and FG does not have a plug (16V 470uf) replacement to Toshin UTSJ at 10*12.5mm

KW and FW are available at uprated 25V 470uf. FG most suitable candidate is 330uF at 10V. KZ at max you could get is a 47uF which is totally off.


Fine Gold FG are good sounding all round capacitors above average in all high low and mids .

UTSJ have really good mids, their highs are roll off early. Instrument really comes to life. The low and mid are way better than FG. FG however are better in the highs, clearer and brighter. Overall UTSJ are prefered.


I wounder which series they put into the 'new' D4

If I remembered correctly the newer D10 comes with the FW (green color) series. 

I tried to buy some from Nichicon but it is already no longer in production.

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According to the website, they use Nichicon Muse FX capacitors...

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  FW isnt green color. It supposer to be gold color as the FG.

FW, FG, and KW dont have the MUSE mark.

FX is the predecessor of the KZ, but in much small size.

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JUst seen these post in the Cables Forum about Nichicon Caps failing early :(




Link to artical OP sites that Dell has a law siute with Nichicon


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Seem that my memory have fail me, It should be FX then.


The FX series does have a 16V 470uF at just the right size of 10*12.5m, FX is green. 

I check a few common place, hard to get this to compare.


Are you related to Jaben @ adelphi ? Since you are from Singapore as well ?




Originally Posted by JabenX View Post

  FW isnt green color. It supposer to be gold color as the FG.

FW, FG, and KW dont have the MUSE mark.

FX is the predecessor of the KZ, but in much small size.

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Indeed great news! Ordering now~

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Now that we are able to order them (I have mine), does anyone have any experience with the old ones and have a comparison?

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The new ones are only a week old and I never heard a old one :)

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So is FX better than UTSJ?


I googled and some people get UTSJ only if they can't find FX and apparently for the FiQuest amp. The "limited edition FX" cost more than those using UTSJ.

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