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FS: Keces DA-152

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Here are the specs:


  • Originally purchased brand new in Sept '09.

  • Originally listed this for sale back in Dec '09 when I decided to go from this integrated unit to an individual amp and 

    individual DAC.
  • The unit was sold, but just before I went to ship it out I realized it wasn't powering on.

  • After some troubleshooting with the maker of the unit, we came to the conclusion that the fuse had blown.

  • Many months later I've finally gotten around to replacing the fuse, and it is working like a charm once again.

  • As such, I'm listing it for sale once again.

  • In addition to the unit, I'll include the extra fuses I received from the maker of the unit. Hopefully you won't need them, but just in case.


This goes for $450USD (+ shipping) brand new. I'm asking $SOLD (+ shipping).


My Head-Fi feedback can be found here.







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