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Ultrasone Pro 750 Sound Leakage

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I'm looking for a good over ear closed headphone for use in libraries and study rooms and things like that.  Basically places where no one can hear the music but me.  I've read great things about the 750s (and some not so great things) but I think based on sound they're the cans for me.  My only concern is that they will leak too much for what I need them for. I've searched alot and people only mention in passing leak on these headphones, and I've heard a variety of things.  SO, if anyone has an answer for me, preferably someone that has used these headphones, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, the pro 750s are big headphones man, i wouldnt wear them in public..but if that is okay with you then more power to ya! 


I would suggest other sets though, i mean if you really are in a dead silent library people around you will hear your music clear as a bell, you need something smaller and less powerful for that.  Can I ask if quality in music is your main focus, or noise suppression and leakage?

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I happen to have a pair with me right now. I'll check and see how much leakage I get. Be right back.


Okay so I tried these out and they do leak fairly badly at higher volumes (above 10 o'clock the uDac is a bit too much) but if you're listening at lower volumes this problem goes away for the most part but you get the opposite problem, the isolation is not sufficient. I'd probably look elsewhere if you want some studying cans. If I remember correctly the 780s have a tighter clamping force and better isolation but I can't tell you how significant the difference is.

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Thanks guys.  I'm looking for sound quality first, but if they leak then it pretty much negates it because I'll only use them when I won't be able to use my RS1s.  Isolation isn't very important to me, because I'll be using them for the most part in quiet places, but leakage is because the last thing I want is to bother people who are working.  I felt like they were just the sound I was looking for, and are relatively portable (Iwon't be walking around with them on or anything like that).  I was looking at Shure 840s and Ultrasone 780s too, but I read bad things about the 780 sound and while I didn't read bad things about the 840 sound, it seems to be generally agreed upon that the Pro 750s are better.

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I agree with that. I found the 780s to be a good can but the 750s are definitely better in pretty much everything. IMO the 780s were like unrefined 750s with many more rough edges, not bad but could be better. I've also tried the 840s but their fit wasn't to my liking and I wasn't really looking for the more neutral sound sig at the time.

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The 780s just need a lot of work to sound their best. Recable, removing the diode board, cup dampening, burn in, etc. For me, it was worth it because I didn't want to spend $300+ on a new pair of 750s when I could get the 780s for ~$160 new. I'm more than satisfied with mine now, but it did take modding + a decent amp for me to be happy with them. As for isolation, sound doesn't really leak out, but I can hear a lot of outside noise.

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I found the Pro 750s for $200 on the FS forums though, which is pretty hard to pass up.  Can any headphone provide that sound, at that price, with good isolation?  I might just take the leap for the 750s and hope people near me enjoy my music as much as I do.

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There's also a Pro 650 in the FS forum for $120 I believe. It's a great deal for those cans. At the moment, I slightly prefer them to the 750s as they have a better controlled bass and a bit smaller soundstage. Of course my Pro 650s aren't fully burned in yet while my 750s are. Depends though. What type of music are you going to be listening to?

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Honestly a bit of everything.  Anything from classical, to rock, to folk, to rap, to techno.  I try not to discriminate.  You really prefer the 650s to the 750s?  I assume the sound leaking is similar?

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So far I do like my 650s more than the 750s. There are a couple of things the 750s do better but I'm looking more for what the 650s offer atm. The 750s are a bit more neutral and have better soundstaging, details, imaging and I feel would do better with classical, folk, jazz, etc while the 650s have a bit more energy and bass control for rock, rap, and techno. The 750s would probably be the best bet for an all arounder but I don't feel it's by much. My initial impressions of the two are here. Keep in mind that they are still changing though. Some of the values I've given have changed but I haven't had the time to update them yet.


As far as I can tell the sound leaking is similar.

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Hmm...650s for $120 or 750s for $200.  That's tough, but I think the comfort aspect you talked about in your review might be worth the extra bucks.  The leakage could be a problem, but if it's too bad I can just sell them and get something like the Shure 840s which I know don't leak.  

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Have you looked into the DBI Pro 700s at all? They beat Ultrasone in isolation and their SQ is imo better than a stock HFI 780. They're ~$40 on ebay.

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Originally Posted by clou91 View Post

Have you looked into the DBI Pro 700s at all? They beat Ultrasone in isolation and their SQ is imo better than a stock HFI 780. They're ~$40 on ebay.

VERY interesting...I'll look into that.  As of right now I'm looking at a bunch of closed cans (Ultrasones, Shure 840, Senn HD 25-1, Beyer...kinda, and now these suckers you just recommended, and even some IEMs, although I don't think they're right for me comfort wise).  All and all it seems like their are alot of good options.  Chances are I'll just bite on the Pro 750s for $200 and see how that goes.

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And I bit.  

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Sweet! Hope you like them. Keep us posted on your impressions.

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