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Good to hear :) and sorry about the false assumption!

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Originally Posted by Mike43110 View Post

You know I am still on HD555s thinking of going up to 650s, nowhere NEAR HD800 T1 PS-1000 or LCD-2s but I had to admit that this might be the most brilliant review ever!


P.S. When the ortho fan got annoyed I almost expected a HD800 vs. your Mom review :P

I salute your, sir, first for enjoying headphones that sound great - at a great price - and for anticipating the "HD800 vs. Your Mom Review."  I don't know where you get your sources, but you are definitely onto something.  You're at least three steps ahead of TMZ on this one. 

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Need more reviews like this! I want to hear the A&W root beer impressions, before they come to my country again.

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Until you've amped it with genuine New Brunswick "Sussex Golden Ginger Ale" you haven't lived.

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Originally Posted by TheJudge View Post

Next month - LCD-2 vs. Darts and I'm not talking about the pleats in your pants. Plus I can still drink a tepid pint of the tavern's finest at the same time. 


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hmm i always thought the cream soda was a bit metallic, at least at the 80 cents level, some hi-fi glass cased ones, pre-cooled  (cubes muddle the rich flavor) will get you further, but without the proper components (ingredients) its useless, source (ingredients)->amp(temp)->cans(container)


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Cream soda is incredibly awesome for music.  The midrange is so lush and creamy, almost liquid in nature.  It's like the music is coming at you in endless waves.  As for the high-end, well that's no problem.  Compared to other sodas like Coca-Cola or root beer, it is very smooth, although somewhat veiled.  Root beer and Coke both introduce unbearable sibilance, whereas the cream soda seems to melt away any harshness.  So much so that you can take large gulps and be ready for more after the final swallow.


Now, if you're looking for a dynamic and fun soda, try out Mountain Dew Livewire.  The bass is slightly recessed, but it's great for rockin' out with a larger soundstage and more 'pop' to the sound.


If you're daring, you could also make ice cubes out of other sodas, combining their individual qualities until you get what you're looking for.

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I prefer Coke.  It's the real thing.  And it can be processed into Crack, the new DIY tube OTL from Bottlehead.....

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You should have spent more time describing the relative realism in the sound produced by the LCD-2 vs the cream soda.


Now, while I haven't heard the LCD-2, I think that the cream soda would likely sound more realistic.

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interesting review. very creative indeed!

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