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Zune Line Out Dock (LOD)

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Hi everybody,


I didn't see it on the forum so I decided to post it.


Zune user for 2 years, I was searching for a Zune LOD to use it with an iBasso D10. I didn't find anything working as you can expect ...


But today I was searching and I found that on eBay for 26$/20€


Zune Line Out Dock


So ... hoax or does it really works ? And there is no evaluation about this product on the seller's profile


(I may have wrote some mistakes, sorry for my english)


If it works, it could be a great news !

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If this is a real Zune LOD it's going to change the way quite a few people think about the Zunes. As for it's authenticity, well, I've never heard it mentioned on Head-Fi or AnyThingButiPod.com.


If you order it you would be doing us all a huge service, so here's to your being the adventurous type!!!!

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I just bought one from ebay.com, $14 shipped from HK. I got the one that just is the dock, not the cable. I have a high quality mini to mini. Interesting to see if it works. I have the Zune80, and the photo is Zune30. So I hope it works, but worth it for $14. I have a T3 that I'd like to try out with the Zune (other than HP out). This ebay seller also sells Sony X docks/cables too. I bought one, but had already sold my X and then the dock arrived. I gave it to a friend (cost me $13) to dissect to see if he can duplicate it.

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I have 2 Sony LOD's that work perfectly w/my X-1061 and S639. This is something that might be a game changer - you got my attention, I hope it's all good.

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Good ! I've also high quality mini to mini cable.


Yes, I've seen that this seller have a lot of LOD articles. We're waiting some review about your Zune LOD, and cross the fingers that it will works on Zune80 (same as mine). But the Zune30 Dock works with the 80, so why wouldn't it work with the Zune80 ?


Zune80 as an Ipod with his Dock ... attention please !

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It will be interesting to plug the T3 into the Zune80 and hear a difference above HP out. At $14, how could I go wrong? This ebay seller has a ton of docs. Seems to have found the secret sauce to several previously unbuyable LODs. To think, some people paid $100+ I believe for a Sony X dock. Wonder how different that is from this maker?

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this seller really has many LOD experience....

i hope he will create Cowon Lod in the future  :D

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Yes, agree. I would love one for the J3 I have arriving Tuesday. Good thinking. I would love pairing the J3 with my T3 listening through SM3s!

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if it works for Zune 30, it should work for Zune 80. The problem is: will the LOD work with the encrypted output for that port ?

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Guess we will find out. Apparently, the Sony X had the same stumbling block, I think, but someone cracked it. If it doesn't work, I will be sure to post negative feedback for the ebay seller. However, he does have photos of the dock plugged into a Zune, so pre-zune-ably, he listened to it before selling. One can only hope, right? For $14, worth the gamble. I had already ordered from this seller for the Sony X, and it showed up intact. But never got to try it.


Update: Checked his feedback, and Sansa and Sony LODs all seem to perform, no reason to think the Zune won't. But again, we will soon find out.

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I'm really waiting for your review ! I'm waiting last parts for building an RA1 style amp and this LOD could be really great instead of my iBasso D10.

Some news ?

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Would this work with a Zune HD???

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Originally Posted by Blackwheel View Post

Would this work with a Zune HD???

It should work w/ALL the Zunes - and MS can finally get knocked down a notch!!!!

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This looks like good news because I use the Zune HD dock at home and I'm quite impressed by the sound quality through line out to my desktop headphone amps. I will definitely think about a portable setup.

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wow... damn it, looks like I have to get a portable amp now :/


haha nice find op.

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