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Faheem and others


just thought of updating. 


i have ordered VB.


Thanks for your help. appreciate it.

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VB is a very good choice.

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Congrats mkv1500. VB is indeed a good choice . You might just need to have patience with the burn in as the the difference in sound in tremendous .If you are a non-believer of burn in , this might just change your belief. :)

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Thanks mp3 and Faheem.


Just wanted to ask this. I am not exactly sure how to do burn in


i just start listening to them out of box. What to do in case of burn in?

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Just thought I'd come back and post my findings after around 175 hours of burn in. The Shroom EBs are really a bang for the buck iem. To me they sound like an RE0, the smoothness and detail.. and warmer than the original Shrooms... I find the sound signature quite non fatiguing, a very pleasant iem to listen to. =)
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Burn in, just leave them with music playing overnight or a couple nights, some use pink or white noise as well.

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Also, burn them in at "normal" volumes, don't try to speed it up by cracking up the volume.

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Thanks mp3 and Metsuki. I will do normal burn in at 'normal volume' which is like 50% of my player's volume

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Just thought of updating. 


Ordered MEElectronics R1 and Hippo VB. 


VB should take around 10-15 days to deliver.


I got the R1 yesterday and initial impressions are very good. Much much better than cx-300. Quite good quality and i got it for $27.49 inclusive of tax and shipping while VB was $79.


Just a question, i used medium sized tips and while listening to songs it feels as if most of the bass is coming from left channel rather than feel of being coming from center When i use the bi-flange tips it is the usual punchy bass. Why is it so? Is it because of fit or do i allow it to burn-in and see if it gets ok? 

I don't prefer bi-flange tips because it makes earphone protrude a lot and doesn't look good. Also there is lots of wind-noise on bike (bicycle) and isolation is not too good. Any solution to that?


Its a bit off topic. but thought should ask. Since VB could have similar problem. 

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The bass is not supposed to come from the center, depending how it was recorded

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Probably due to bad fit/seal,try this seal test:


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Thanks mp3, i will do the test.


@Metsuki, i have many songs which produce bass from both the channels and so its appears to come from center. may be i didn't explain properly.


If i use medium tips of cx-300, the bass and listening experience is as good as the one with bi-flange. looks like the medium tips that came with R1 are useless for me. 

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Hey mp3


is this any good for Techno??? its for my friend.....



thanks in advance

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I don't really listen to techno, but can't see why it wouldn't be good for that too. It doesn't have the same amount of bass as the VB, but it's very controlled and rather fast in responce.

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Originally Posted by ChroniCali View Post

How long do you think those cables will last?

...about 2 years of intermittent (first year) then heavy (second year) use

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