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Is this vinyl LP set worth much?

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A few days back I took my garbage out to the dumpster to discard and noticed a box set of Nat King Cole LPs in the dumpster so fished it out. Here is what I found:


                                                The Longines Symphonette Society proudly presents...the


                                                Nat King Cole Golden Treasury



                                                 A Gold Seal Presentation Produced In "Living Sound"


Has Nat's sig in gold lettering on the front. Contains 6 LPs that alll apear to be in good condition. I can't see a date but am guessing they are quite old because of the styling of the lettering and how they tell you on the LP sleeves to use a cartridge weighing approximately 5grams. I am guessing they are from sometime in the 50s. Gold find or just old find?

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Just did a search and found the below info. Looks like I definitely found gold and they don't even have the collection I found listed.





Longines Symphonette Society

Label specializing in mail-order LP box sets of classical music and easy listening artists as well as releasing LPs of old time radio (OTR) programs (it was a subsidiary of the Longines watch company that also sold its own private-label stereo phonographs). It purchased the Capitol Record Club from Capitol Records in 1968 and continued to operate it until 1975, when the entire company was shut down.

Its light music recordings (largely the work of British composer/conductor Robert Farnon recorded between ca.1964 and 1970 in Britain are highly regarded today and seriously sought after.

Its records had the following on the back covers of its albums: "Every record bearing the name The Longines Symphonette Recording Society is guaranteed to be manufactured to the highest audio standards, from the finest available pure virgin vinyl materials, using the most modern and advanced recording equipment. Any defective recording which escapes the attention of our intensive quality control will be replaced upon request".
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Photo I took of the set just one minute ago. Looks like maybe they were produced in 60s and not 50s as earlier thought.



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Yea, I just did a bit more searching  and it's almost worthless. I'll gift it to someone who listens to vinyl.



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Don't toss it yet. There are songs available on that set that aren't readily available elsewhere.


I'd keep it if I were you.


(I have two!)

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I have nothing to play it on and sold my vinyl collection way back in the early 80s. I won't toss it though, I'll give it to someone local that is a vinyl lover and is into Nat King Cole.

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Hello MortonP


My mother have the same set, but one of the album is missing.  If you still have the vinyl, can I have them to complete the set.  

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Hello my grandparents past away a few years back and left some music box sets from longines symphonette society some still in it's original rapping complete with the letter the company sent with the package,i know they have value,but i don't know what it i; Heres a list of what i have:

1.Tennesee Ernie Ford - Inspirational Songs

2.The Immortal Judy Garland - Over The Rainbow and 49 other master performances.

3.Cocktail Piano Time - Music in and Intimate Mood.

4.Readers Digest - Great Music from the Movies

5.limited Preview Edition - The Love Letters Treasury featuring ;The Norman Luboff Chior and The Melachrino Strings

6.Readers Digest - 56 Favorite Ballads and Songs of Sentiment, "Auld Lang Syne".

7.The Mills Brothers and the Mellow Years.

8.Memories of Fiesta

9.Limited Preview Edition - The Family Christmas Treasury with The Holiday Choraliers and 10.The Longines Symphonette Featuring The world famed Thomas Organ

11.Readers Digest - South Sea Island Magic.

12.All Star Country/Western Cavalcade with Glen Campbell,Buck Owens,Wynn Stewwart,Sonny James and Ferlin Husky,Wanda Jackson,Bobby Austin,Charlie Louvin,Jean Shepard,Ned Miller, Tex Ritter and Merie Haggard.

13.The Famous Choraliers and the Longiines Symphonette in the World's Most Honored family singing and listening songs,over 130 American Favorites.

Paul Whitemans Treasury - "THIS IS MY AMERICA'


 Any offers I can be reached at # 215-729-7469

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