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UE Pro 4 vs. JH 5 Pro

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Hi guys,


I have been doing my research and have found a few topics here and there about these two IEM's...but nothing to satisfy me purchasing one or the other. I know a little about both, but I would like to talk to someone who has owned both or something close.


I am sure they are pretty comparable, but which ones would you go with and why? I know JH offers colors and all that, but I am more concerned about function over looks.

That being said, I am a musician and a listener. I do not currently own an amp but would purchase one eventually. Also, I would spend a lot of time listening to them through an ipod as I travel.

I have heard a few fitting issues for the JH's, some poor customer service with UE, but also good things about its a toss up!


Any help would be appreciated.

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Also may consider the JH 7's vs the equivalent UE's. Are they a close comparison?


What about jumping from the JH 5's to the JH 7's? Big difference?



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If you're looking at budget customs, don't forget sleek audio's ct6, and also fidelity customs.

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I can only comment on a short listen to the JH5 but I have an experienced ear. The limitations were more at the very extremes than the mids and subtle. Without a listen to a JH13 which I prefer to the 16, some of this would be hard to notice.  A small bit of extra color and surprisingly detailed and natural. I doubt they can be beat for the price. Lovely job of balancing 2 drivers to do better than 3 in others.

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UE4pro - Transparent clear and clean bass


JH5pro - Balance and more bass

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