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IC: Monster Turbine Pro Gold ( MTPG )

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I'm testing the waters. If there is any interest in a good used condition MTPG with box + accessories, please send offers.


I love these things to death, but after some trusted people telling me about the DBA-02, I need to try them to satiate my curiosity. If you want to trade for a DBA-02, I'd be interested. I'm open to all trades, but I'd probably only seriously consider DBA-02 for a 1:1 trade.


I'd really appreciate if you PM'ed offers, instead of posting, so I get email notifications. Otherwise, don't be surprised if I don't respond to your post in this thread (unless you PM as well).


All the best, and thanks for reading.


EDIT: I'm looking for 155$ shipped in the CONUS.

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Bump! If it wasn't clear, I'd be open to cash as well.

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4th of July bump.

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1-week bump. I'll take offers, but I don't feel that the asking price is unreasonable.

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can i ask where you bought these from and you still have the receipts

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I bought these from a friend on head-fi, so I don't have a receipt.


I wouldn't like to ship it overseas anyway, sorry!

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I'm very interested. What all do these come with?


Are you able to overnight them to me in Tempe Arizona? I need them by tomorrow afternoon.. (going out of town, and I want them for the plane)

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I believe that the USPS office is closed, so I couldn't overnight them. Sorry. I was at work all day, or else I would have seen your message.


For other interested people, they come with the original box, two cases, and a bunch of Monster tips.



EDIT: PM's are really the best way to contact me, since HF sends me an email notification.

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Damn, I wish I had seen this two weeks ago when I was looking for some. I got em at onecall for $180. Buy if I had seen this then I would've gotten em from you cause you can't ask for a better price for these wonderful IEMs than $155.
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