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I see that you've already ordered Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies headphone amplifier and DAC, so I'm sort of writing this for the archive and the benefit of other readers.


As far as I could see, nobody mentioned equipment made for the professional audio world. There are many good professional products in varying price segments, including DAC + headphone amplifier combination products.


Professional audio equipment are typically no nonsense, robust, reliable, good sound for the money, functional. Aesthetics may not necessarily be a prime design goal.


Professional audio equipment typically strive towards transparent, neutral, wire with gain etc. Those who want sugar coating or other flavouring may not like it.


A few well regarded product examples:


Benchmark DAC1 series and Benchmark DAC2 HGC


Grace Design m903


Lynx Hilo



AudioQuest DragonFly, HRT microStreamerMeridian Explorer and similar products may also be interesting for some applications.


Ditto for the Objective2 Headphone Amplifier (O2) with or without ODAC.

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Hi All,

Been thinking about purchasing a Beyerdynamic T5p set of headphones. I've been doing some research over the last few days to see if they would be a good fit for me, so there's a few things I wanted to bounce off the good folks at Head-Fi just to keep me honest. First, a little background.


I'm not totally new to the world of Head-Fi. Head-Fi actually introduced me to the world of HiFi, for which I am eternally greatful. A little over a year ago, I purchased my first audiophile style headphones in the Audeze LCD-2s, and boy they sounded great. My priority was to find the best sounding headphone within my budget, all other considerations be damned. And the LCD-2s fit that description, except I was dead wrong in what I wanted in a headphone. My priority number one was sound quality, and the LCD-2s did not dissappoint. I had an vintage Pioneer SX-1250 that drove them beautifully, but damned if they were the most uncomfortable and bulky things that I ever dawned on my head. I worked from home and I had hopes of being able to work at the local coffee shops with them, but they were definitely not a mobile set of phones which I thought was something every headphone should be.


Head-Fi taught me about the Leben CS300XS and it's bigger brother the Leben CS600, and low and behold I was able to purchase the CS600 at the expense of selling the LCD-2s and getting rid of most of my Head-Fi setup. Definitely no regrets, as a good HiFi really gets me going more than headphones. I am bumping the Audio-GD Reference 1 (thanks to Head-Fi), to the Leben CS600, and now to some DeVore Nine speakers. This is where my Head-Fi journey lead me, so even though I had to give up the phones, it lead me to something better.


Now, I'd like to revisit the world of headphones with revised expectations and priorities. Times have changed and I no longer work from home, but now I'm a road warrior traveling every week on planes and pulling long shifts and listening to music in my hotel room. After having gone through my ordeal with the superbly sounding LCD-2s, I know that sound quality is not the number one priority for me anymore. This time, I definitely need something that meets my criteria in this order. 1) comfort 2) closed 3) portability 4) sound quality 5) price. Priorities 3-5 can vary a bit, but it must be comfortable and closed. That was one of my main problems with the LCD-2s, as good as they sounded they weren't comfortable enough to keep on my head for a prolonged period of time so I wasn't enjoying my investment, not to mention my wife griping that she could hear my music form across the room.


A few google searches for most comfortable and best sounding closed headphone led me to the Beyerdynamic T5p, so naturally I'm interested. I came close to pulling the trigger on a pair of Bose QC15's but thought I should do some research which led me to the T5p's. In an ideal world I would like something I can power that is blissfully driven from my iPhone headphone jack, but this is Head-Fi and everything could use a little more juice with a nice amp or sound better with the latest and greatest DAC. So, as awesome as I know the T5p's will sound with my home setup driven off the CS600 and Ref 1, that is not my challenge. I need a mobile setup, maximum one small DAC/Amp or Amp combo that can be battery powered, hopefully about the same size as an iPhone not to be too large or cumbersome to carry. I was thinking of a RSA SR-71A, or something along those lines. Ideally I'd like to hear that the Beyer's sound awesome form the iPhone, and if that is the case then that's all I need to know. By comparison, if the QC15's sound better driven off the iPhone that's something else I'd like to hear some opinions on.


I appreciate any feedback you guys can give me, mainly of the T5p's being driven off an iPhone, the noise isolation on an aircraft, the best portable setup, etc. I doubt I can demo one since these are rare cans to find in a store. Thanks again and god bless!

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My experience tells me, I think the only option for aircraft, jet liner types, is in-ear isolation or possibly excellent noise cancelling processing (eg. Bose QC15). T5p doesn't isolate enough for me in these environments, I would be turning the volume up to combat the intrusive environmental noise in the air and through the body. I miss out on the subtle qualities which make the T5p great. The T5p is good in hotel rooms, libraries, office etc. those sort of isolation demands. However T5p makes the very best out of the iPhone's potential. It is surprising, but the iPhone is disappointing. 

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Hey log0! I'm not sure I'll be able to answer all your questions, but I give you what I know: 


Comfort: these things are deceptively light, and feel borderline too light-- they are so sharp-looking and industrial, but feel so light in hand, that there's a moment of dissonance each time I pick them up. They still manage to feel well-built somehow, though. I highly doubt you'll have any issues here. 


Portability: this is the one are that I might urge a bit of caution. I originally got the T5p as my travelling can as well, and eventually decided it wasn't the best fit for that purpose for a couple of reasons-- the biggest being bass response. If you've read about the T5p extensively, you've certainly noticed that it isn't considered to have the best quantity of bass by most listeners (quality, however, being excellent). Given that the lower frequencies are the first to go in noisy environments (work, plane, car, etc), I found this to be problematic. I've ended up going with IEMs for my portable listening, and am much happier with that as a solution for me. But I still listen to the T5p every single night, and I have them on my head right now as I type this, testing out a new DAC cool.gif


Additionally, I would say that while they sound okay out of a standard phone headphone jack, you really aren't getting anywhere close to what they offer that way-- I'd consider an external amp (if not a DAC/amp combo) to be a necessity, especially given your willingness to invest. 


Sound Quality: this is, to me, the biggest strength of these headphones, even given my reservations about bass levels mentioned above. They are incredibly clear, detailed, and revealing, to a degree that might be problematic for lower-quality recordings, although I don't typically find them to be so. I've heard very little that manages to capture the texture and crunch of guitars like the T5p, and consider them a bit of a reference point in that regard. Transients are exceedingly well-defined, and despite the missing bass presence, the extension is quite good. Simply put, I absolutely love the sound the T5p gives me, and haven't regretted getting them for a single moment. Most people I've seen that have given them a listen seem to agree, but-- like anything-- they aren't for everyone. 


One suggestion I can make to help with both the isolation and bass levels is to switch out the standard pads for the clear gel versions (if you can find them). While they aren't nearly as luxurious as the stock pads are (and are rather prophylactic/jellyfish looking to boot), they isolate better than stock (or the J$ pads) and allow for better bass as a result. Also, although I can't speak to this from personal experience, several users have described greatly improved bass response by modifying the 'phones for balanced operation, which might work out well with the balanced RSA amp, for example. (I believe NZTechFreak has actually tried this combination, you can do a search through this thread for his impressions if you're interested). 


Overall, I find the T5p to be a truly exception headphone, and I love my unabashedly. I am less certain about their applicability to portable use, however, and would recommend an audition if that's at all a possibility for you. 


Anyway, hope this helps!! Let us know what other questions you have and I'm sure somebody can point you in the right direction wink.gif.


EDIT: looks like AJ beat me to the punch on a few of these. Damn these fat phalanges of mine tongue.gif.

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Does anyone feel like the t5p is a bit harsh sounding in terms of the treble? and sounds a bit hollow because the mid-bass is less than most headphones? I am trying to convince myself to keep it. I've got a pair of T1 and DT1350. To my ears, they are both more (fun) sounding than the t5p. T1 is definitely at the same level as the T5p, not if better. DT1350 may be on the different level, but to my ears, it sounds better than my t5p. The music I tested were thriller by MJ. I know the t5p is strong in classical and jazz, but that is not what i usually listen to. Should i keep it? my T1 really want a little brother....hmmm
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Thanks for the responses AJ/Theogenes, Lots to consider, I'd like to pull the trigger on one in the used section but I'm not totally sold. I'm partial to a warmer sound signature that it doesn't seem like the T5p's impart. Regardless I may just buy one used, try it out, and if it doesn't work put it back on the used market. I'm currently using Shure SE530's direct from the iPhone and computer and I'm getting by very well. If I have any more questions I'll be sure to get your feedback. Thanks again guys, have a good day!

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Anybody tried the T5p with Toxic Cable's Silver Poison or Piccolino silver wire? 

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Originally Posted by log0 View Post

Thanks for the responses AJ/Theogenes, Lots to consider, I'd like to pull the trigger on one in the used section but I'm not totally sold. I'm partial to a warmer sound signature that it doesn't seem like the T5p's impart. Regardless I may just buy one used, try it out, and if it doesn't work put it back on the used market. I'm currently using Shure SE530's direct from the iPhone and computer and I'm getting by very well. If I have any more questions I'll be sure to get your feedback. Thanks again guys, have a good day!


No problem! If you do get a chance to audition one, please go for it-- and report back with your thoughts ;). All the best, man!!

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Inventory cleanup... and this time my T5p was selected to make room for a new model (namely its brother T1). Much to my dismay the pairing with my new DAC/amp of choice, the HP-A8, was not to my liking as the bass got a tad too lean for my taste (the TH-900 did not alleviate that verdict I have to confess). Pairing with my Lake People had more synergie, especially with the Meridian Explorer used as a DAC.


Still in pristine condition, if anyone in Europe is interested please PM me. I'm preparing an entry on the for-sale forum...

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I (mostly) agree with the good answers given by AJHeadfi and Theogenes.
Theogenes' description of the sound, and especially the bass, is very good. The bass reproduction is something many people wonder and get confused about because measurements indicate good bass response, but user reports and reviews indicate a more moderate and subdued bass response. beyerdynamic T 5 p isn't bass heavy, but there is bass there. I have sometimes thought of it as (something like) a closed Sennheiser HD 800, maybe especially when thinking of the bass. I'm also reminded of what a fellow Norwegian wrote about bass in classical music: It isn't there all the time, but when it appears, it's quick and deep, before disappearing awaiting its next entrance. It also reminds me of a good set of stand/monitor loudspeakers like my KEF Reference 201/2. They can go deep when the music asks them too, but you're not constantly bathed/drowned in deep bass.
Some users have reported good results with eq including 6moons' Srajan Ebaen.

You didn't write anything about your preferred loudness levels. If they are low, you may have problems with most/all passively isolating headphones during aircraft flight. I chose Bose QuietComfort 15 for long distance train rides etc. I haven't tried IEMs based on my reading of the cons of IEMs vs. my needs etc.


Bose QuietComfort 15 is good enough out of an Apple iPod classic to enjoy in silent environments as well. I've tried mine at home, and expect it to be fine in hotel rooms. Noisy environments will mask all subtleties anyway, and I don't believe one necessarily will benefit from/observe higher quality sound reproduction anyway because it will be drowned by the environmental noise.


Bose QuietComfort 15 is around ear, but the inner hole may be a bit small for some.


I bought my beyerdynamic T 5 p for use at home when there's extra noise outside like heavy rain beating against walls and windows, neigbour mowing the lawn etc. It's good for that and very comfortable.


I don't agree with Theogenes about too light. I own both lighter and more fragile headphones. I don't consider beyerdynamic T 5 p to be fragile or flimsy. On the other side it's rather expensive and I wouldn't trow it around willy nilly. Bose QuietComfort 15 probably is more fragile than T 5 p. Professional headphones are often more robust and constructed to tolerate abuse. They may be better suited for daily subway commuters etc.



Originally Posted by log0 View Post

So, as awesome as I know the T5p's will sound with my home setup driven off the CS600 and Ref 1, that is not my challenge.



"It Ain't Necessarily So". I believe the Leben amplifiers have rather high headphone output impedances, and hence is (normally) best suited for high impedance headphones which beyerdynamic T 5 p isn't.

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a closed hd800?  no.  t5p is better :)



seriously i like it better than hd800.  i use them a lot too.  i use it outside during winter time and during summer inside when i have my air con on.  still thinking if i should recable them.

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IPhone as a source need very forgiving h-phones. Of course IPhone has very good sound quality but it is still phone/mobile device. T5p are very demanding. They offer very exceptional sound timbe, but need a good source (and I'm not telling about expensives, but just a good desktop setup). To me HD650 works much better with IPhone/MacBook. More forgiving..

I think the headphones matching well with mobile devices have to be forgiving and slighty rolled off at trebles.


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Placed my order just now, this is was going to be my only purchase for the year, spend all the last cent on this and now the wait game begins. 

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Originally Posted by audionewbi View Post

Placed my order just now, this is was going to be my only purchase for the year, spend all the last cent on this and now the wait game begins. 


WOOO-HOOOO!! Welcome to the club, man!! Hope you love 'em!!!! beerchug.gif

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Originally Posted by Theogenes View Post

WOOO-HOOOO!! Welcome to the club, man!! Hope you love 'em!!!! beerchug.gif
Thanks, this thread helped me alot.
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