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Originally Posted by CDWMcInSpots View Post


Be aware that Burson Conductor is by far not the only stationary DAC + headphone amplifier (+ pre amplifier).


There's quiet a few in the professional audio world, i.e:

  • Benchmark DAC1 series and DAC2 HGC
  • Grace Design m903
  • Lynx Hilo

I own the last two of these.





Good lord ..now i understand why " Theogenes " told me this..




You'll find things you like and would like to change about the sound too, I imagine, and it can help guide you to your next step down the path to madness head-fi nirvana. 




wise men sad … ;-)



well time to eat something..


and than later on read some more.


Nice new brands and options to look at !

the sky is not the limit ;-)



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Originally Posted by CDWMcInSpots View Post


Who is Scott (in this context)?



Keep in mind that some resellers are cable focused because they make high margin profits selling cables.



thanks for your advice..

i had planed to not touch the cables for now..

one thing at a time…

Just going to enjoy them for now.. well when i finally get them.!


the holy scott thing is my own hahahah..

As a Star Trek fan..


if you now a bit of Star Trek , you probably now 

Montgomery Scott ..Engineer ..


funny quotes like:

"I cannae change the laws of physics! I've got to have thirty minutes!"


from that i kind of have this thing where "when i'm amazed " i yell Holy Scott..


here the link..



Well maybe a bit nurdy..

Probably because i'm a computer engineer..often asked to do the impossible.

That's why i love the character so much..

a bit of side track…


ps , don't really now where i got the habit of saying this ? 

Well never mind.. 

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Guys i need help..


i'm totally fed up with the search for a good amp for my new (jet to aravie jewel ) T5p's.


this is what i have bin looking at. (in no specific order).


- FiiO E12

- FiiO E17  ( i now this one is with a dac perhaps the amp has a different sound, better with T5p?)


- JDS C5

- JDS O2



For desktop 

- Asus xonar essence one muses edition.

- Asus Xonar one.


And software..


- Audirvana plus



yep that's a complete package lots of $$ spending..

i asked on otter places but i got no helpful advice ..

So i thought i'l try my luck with the T5p fraternity best place ever ;-)


here is the thing..

i read the "200$ amp shoot out "  stating that the FiiO E12" has poor soundstage..

it got me thinking  is the E12 a goo paring with the T5p ??

JDS C5 is not jet available in EU , i emails JDS Labs about selling in the EU..I don't want the hassle of customs and so on.

i can order the O2 from the UK made under a different name..


Second thing is which should i get? the Xonar one or Muses edition..?

i know , i know there is a forum for all of these ..

But i really only care about these products in combination with the T5p's ;-)


So what do you all think Go for the not so portable O2 but better soundstage..

Or get both Fiio options and try them out and opt for on ? I mean should i ignore all the different remarks on the Fiio E12.


The part about Audirvana+ is because i want to use it with the Asus to make full use of its potential.

Like the Bit-perfect audio  Don't know if i would here the difference but he i'm getting a DAC anyway so why not whit good software.. The Burson Conductor seems nice but is way to expensive and according to 6moons this Asus model comes close..


So hope someone could give me some advice on how to proceed..

From a T5p owner's view point that is ;-)

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New t5p owner!  What portable amp complements it and gives it a sub bass boost? 

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Oh, also- is there a way to make them tighter? I like the free bass boost when pressing them closer to my head

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Guys i wanted to share this youtube review of other Beyerdyanmic headphone.

From innerFidelity . where he beastly says lo impedance 32ohm is not a good idea!


What the hell !! should have gotten the T1p ??

But i like closed so other ones like the T70 would be better if innerFidelity is write..



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Personally i do not take much of what he says as the end story. He is one source of information only, not as he is portrayed here and on other forums as the font of all knowledge in terms of headphones!
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For your portable setup: you mentioned you have an iPhone, and I'm assuming you plan on using that as a portable source. Do you also have a laptop or any other source you plan on using? I ask because there are precious few devices with DACs that work with Apple devices, so if you plan on using your portable amp with the iPhone only, it probably wouldn't make sense to get a DAC/amp combo unit that doesn't work with it. Getting specific with your personal use-case might help you narrow down your search a bit!


For your desktop setup: the Asus seems to get pretty good reviews (HeadphoneAddict really liked his, I think), so either version would probably be a solid choice. Also, if I understand correctly, the only difference with the Muses edition is the choice of opamps they elected to use, and both units allow opamp rolling fairly easily, so if you wanted to start with the non-Muses edition and then put the appropriate Muses opamps in there, you could do so. A cost-effective option that I personally use and like very much is the Yulong D100, which has a USB DAC and two headphone outs (for low/high impedance). I'm currently saving up for another DAC, and I'm looking at jumping up to a Lynx Hilo (approx 10 times more costly) to get a sufficient upgrade for my preferences. (NOTE: this does not mean that other DACs are not an improvement, simply that for my personal tastes, the D100 suffices well enough that I can overlook many other DACs between it and the Hilo). 


Do you have any options around your area for auditioning different devices? Or Head-Fi meets, maybe? Those are AWESOME for pointing you in the right direction... I went to my first meet recently, and it REALLY helped me figure out what I wanted to do with my setups. If you have any such options, they might really help you out too!




Welcome to the Kult of the T5p!! We expect to see you post a pic of your Beyer Brotherhood tattoo very soon :P. As far as your questions regarding bass, clarify one thing for me briefly: you mention both increasing the bass (a common request for this headphone) and making it tighter. Generally, my experience is that pressing in on the cups provides an increase in the bass level, but doesn't necessarily tighten up the sound I hear. Are you really just asking for a method for increasing the bass quantity (which is my guess based on your posts)? Or do you really want 'tighter' bass (which I'm not sure is really possible, although someone may correct me here)? 


Running on the assumption that you are looking for an increase in bass quantity (until you tell us otherwise), there are a few methods for increasing the bass response on your T5p. They tend to fall into the following categories: 


  • Software-based (EQ): something like Noozxoide on Android, for example, although there are numerous choices for both mobile and desktop OS's. 
  • Hardware-based: an external device, like the Digizoid, that you plug into the output or LOD from your device. 
  • Modifications: some users have reported improvements in the bass response by doing things like modifying the T5p for balanced operation; changing the cable used; changing the pads (which did help in my case); etc. 


Additionally, it'll help us steer you in the right direction if you'll let us know what portable source you're using, and what your points of reference for bass are (for example, I have the LCD-2 that I use often in my desktop setup, and it has crazy-good bass, so trying to get a T5p to put out LCD-2 bass is probably not going to be a fruitful endeavor). 


Welcome to the club!! If you like your T5p half as much as the rest of us do, you're in for a real treat ;)

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Thanks for the reply (:


When I say "make them tighter," I should have clarified that I meant literally make the headphones tighter around my head.  Because when I press them against my head I can hear a slight increase in bass.  

I'm running them through my duet 2, but I'd prefer to just use my laptop and iphone5 for when I'm out of town.  I desire to remain amp-less, which is why I opted for the T5p's.  This desire sucks for me because my duet 2 brings a little warmth out of them. 


I bought them from a fellow head-fier here on the forums, and they made a blue dragon mod to them, and claimed that added some warmth to them.  I've never heard them without the cable mod though.


I'm honestly just looking for a new headphone at this point.  If you really wanna help, you can respond to a rather long thread I created? (:



Thanks again!

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Originally Posted by soundslikebliss View Post


I'm honestly just looking for a new headphone at this point.  



I think this is direction you need to go now, maybe one day you can come back to the T5p. It has been written here that you should not try to change the nature of the T5p, I agree, it's better to have a different headphone.

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Originally Posted by smpie View Post

Guys i wanted to share this youtube review of other Beyerdyanmic headphone.

From innerFidelity . where he beastly says lo impedance 32ohm is not a good idea!


What the hell !! should have gotten the T1p ??

But i like closed so other ones like the T70 would be better if innerFidelity is write..




The video is part of InnerFidelity's "A Comparison of Beyerdynamic DT 880 32 ohm, DT 880 250 ohm, and DT 880 600 ohm Headphones" by Tyll Hertsens April 12 2011. It is made within a context.


The article looks at the pros and cons of (nearly) identical models with different impedance. High impedance can use a thinner wire in the voice coil, and hence have a lighter voice coil because the current used/needed will be much lower (high voltage <-> low current vs. low voltage <-> high current) to deliver the same wattage/energy. A lighter voice coil will often be a faster responding voice coil because it's easier to start and stop a lower mass. If I remember correctly the biggest difference was observed between 32 and 250 ohm, less between 250 and 600 ohm.


Higher headphone impedance may also be beneficial when used with some types of headphone amplifier circuits.


Portable equipment is typically battery driven and has a limited maximum voltage swing. It is designed for and works well with low impedance, high sensitivity headphones. High impedance and/or low sensitivity headphones typically don't work well with battery driven, portable equipment because they need higher voltage swing and/or higher current. Stationary equipment is better at delivering this. You will find a lot of information about this if you look around.


This is a question of horses for courses, the art of the possible and a trade-off.


beyerdynamic T 5 p is the closest beyerdynamic come to a closed T 1 and a T 1 p.


beyerdynamic T 70 has shallower ear cups. My ears touched the driver plate.

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Now, I am not a technical person at all so what comes next may make no sense so correct me if my thoughts are wrong.

The higher impedance headphones having a thinner wire thus making it lighter thus making the headphone faster responding, that makes absolute sense but here is my thought. WIth the more powerful (by a large degree) magnet in the Tesla models would the thicker or thinner voice coil be less of an issue in terms of speed and ability for faster dynamic changes to happen be less of an issue over less powerful magnet headphones?

I say this as back to back to my ears the only advantages the T1's had over the T5P's were a slightly larger sense of acoustic space, speed and musicality seemed identical to my ears. Now that slightly larger acoustic space presentation can give one a greater sense of instrument separation and so forth and I think it true to say the T1's had a slightly more intimate feel about them with live jazz but the differences were small enough for me to go for the benefits of the closed back T5P's and I must admit with a good few hundred hours on them the differences lessened even more (of course that is in comparison with new T1's probably the differences would remain same with T1's with the same number of hours on them!

When I tried DT990's a while back the differences between the 32ohm and 600ohm model were far greater I found. The 32 ohm felt congested and slower over the 600ohm model. The differences were vastly different in comparison to the T1/T5P differences which as I have said, to my ears, are so small as to not feel like it is much of a sacrifice going closed back for the greater noise isolation. Having said that if noise isolation ( I live on a busy street and listen to a lot of early choral music which is very quiet so isolation is important for me) were not an issue for me I probably would have gone for the T1 just for that extra ounce of soundstage and more presence in the acoustic but honestly, I do not feel like I am left wanting with the T5P's as the isolation allows me to hear so much more of the subtle details that would be lost with the open back T1's in my noisier environment!
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Thus the art of making moving coil transducers. If only it were as simply as some "experts" made it out to be.

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i use a macbook pro 2012 and a mac-mini 2009.

Your correct that it would not make sense to get a DAC/amp if i'm mostly going to use my T5p in a portable setup.

As i have little experience with audio equipment i fall back to my comfort zone as an it guy.

An that's my need to see an objective type review. As the one i found on the internet involving an objective review of the FiiO E7.

What i usually do is just google what i want to find..sounds simple enough but alas it doesn't always work.

The words "objective review of the [product name] " don't always get you where you want go get..But sometimes you hit the jackpot and learn something. 

Subjective reviews are ok but i consider them a bit more difficult to accept and understand.. And off course i can find equal subjective reviews saying a product is ok and is not ok..

for example the FiiO E12 i wanted to get it for use with my T5p's and iPhone 5 and iPod touch 6th gen.

Then i read on head-fi $200 amp shootout that the E12 had a terrible soundstage. As i'm not experienced i don't really know what that means other than i probably won't like it ..congestion in sound seems a waist with an awesome headphone like the T5p.

Getting back to my latest conclusion.. The components / hardware used in the FiiO E7 are not that different from the newer model the E17.

So i finally found a Objective review telling me that if i use the Fiio E17 with no extra bass or treble i get a neutral sound.

And i could add colour to taste :-)


@ soundslikebliss:

it's kind of difficult going amp-less.

the reason is kind of technical. And there are better people out there that can explain it to you as they explained it to me.

Just google thé most interesting subject matters "Headphone & Amp Impedance" and the answers will come to you ;-)


i'm not saying it is impossible i own an ipohone 5 and sum times i feel that even with my Etymotic Hf3 low impedance  in ear canal headphones the sound is not loud enough.

But that's not al of the time . so amp-less could be an option ;-)

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@ CDWMcInSpots And @ianmedium :

i understand completely and trust that the T5p will be as good as it get's with an closed set.

Like you ianmedium i live near a noise street. But i do have good isolation . it is not 100% noise free but when i close all windows the double glass keeps most the sound out..And my special ventilation ports non mechanical let in fresh air with as little as possible noise.

But even if sound pollution is no issue a closed pair seemed like a good option..A sort of must have..

When i'm not alone at home , ore my girl is watching here soaps. Or studying i can enjoy my music without bothering others so al and al a goo starting point i figured .


Thanks you guys i really love the interaction on this thread unlike other silent not helping no input threads.



And oh forgot to mention ..Still waiting on my T5p's this is week 5.

My god !! last time i waited so long for something they where building furniture for me..

Not custom or something but non the less way to long..Apparently Beyerdynamic is doing better than they had anticipated.

And now they apparently don't have the personal to maintain production..

Well that's live.. Just hope they do i good job..

That doesn't mean i did not hassle the reseller telling him " Where are my T5's?" looks like they are delivering a new born ?

But rather they took there time than do it to fast ;-) 

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