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I really like the looks of these - understated yet classy. Here's hoping they make a better impression than the T50p did (for the price, they'd better).

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Another top end one, huh? Pretty neat!


Although I'm a bit skeptical about these being designed for portable use. They don't look like they are portable in any sense of the world, aside from that jack.

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I like the look of these--Simple, Classy, and Clean...exciting stuff.


Party on, Head-Fi!!

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This is interesting, a closed highend Beyer - looking forward to impressions.

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subscribe- the other way doesn't work often(??)

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still waiting on those 1st impressions

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These look great and I am almost ready to sell all of my possessions, including my sources, and buy them ;)


I will have nothing to plug them in, but will just sit and look - it will be an audiophile nirvana!

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Which rig is more portable and noise isolating:


1. T5P with iPod Nano?

2. Any hardtodriveIEM with any portableheadphoneamp with iPod Nano?


You may replace "iPod Nano" with your preferred choice of DAP.


"Portable" headphone in my opinion is not restricted to the ability to run well from a portable digital audio player. In addition it should


  1. Isolate from environmental noise. For those who need to hear environmental noise for safety (runners, cyclists, office clerks), any low-fi earbud would be good enough.
  2. Fit nicely and safely into a backpack or briefcase when not in use. It should fold into a robust, flat or compact shape.
  3. Minimise cable hassle. Single-sided, replaceable and short cable, please.
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what makes them cost so much? :)

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No one can answer questions - no one has heard them yet!
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I have to admit that I'm very curious myself about the last hi-end insertions of Beyer in the market, they usually are very well done headphones, and very sturdy/abuse-resistant headphones, and hey, they do sound good sometimes. It seems that this T5 has followed the Ultrasone school design of decentering the drivers, at least from the picture Jude posted, not sure if that is a good sign, but creates an off axis extra little bit for the soundstage and more natural sound. Still I enjoy my E9 everysingle day, I love them, but with no doubt those look a lot more comfortable...let's see how they sound...


In the meanwhile i could get a grip on those to listen, still waiting for my Chroma MD1 from Rudi....

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As everyone knows by now, I am one of those anal retentive people that obsesses about fit and finish. This obsessiveness definitely has its pluses and minuses. Looking at the photos of the T5p, my eyes immediately zeroed in on the leather pads. I find that the leather is casually tucked into the cups and that the the pads, in general, are not put together even nearly precise enough. For $1295, I expect swiss watch precision. Oh yes, and I do see the seams on the plastic, um, but let's not go there.

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On TTVJ's website:




T5? T5p? T50? T50p?


I wonder how they sound agansit T1

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Hmmmm...I wonder if Todd has that right...those are OPEN, and 250 ohm???

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Well if the T5p is just a 250ohm version of the T1 then that is not all that exciting...... I guess we'll know for sure when it is actually released and someone has pockets deep enough for both to do a side-by-side comparison!

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