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I just picked up a pair of nearly new T5p's and was wondering about burn-in.


Apparently they have only been used for around an hour, and they do sound fantastic, but do folk think that burn-in does make a difference? There seem to be different opinions on this and I was wondering what people's real experience has been.


Thanks for any and all advice.

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Burn in has a very little to no audible effect. Just enjoy the music! :-)
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Darn, I was hoping to have to go through some lengthy, complicated process with expensive hi-res pink noise.


I guess I'll just have to listen to the music instead ;)


Thanks for the advice! 

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Hey all,


i just want to share my experience about the T5p pads.


Ever since I've tried Shure SRH1540 nothing else in the world can't compare to those pads.

If I haven't had the srh1540 before, maybe T5p would be satisfying in this regards, but in fact, they aren't.


I needed them for long term listening ±8hrs and it was just getting uncomfortable after 4hrs.

The t5p pads are round (and my ear is not ;) ) and they are quite shallow. Also, the material is not very breathable - it's some kind of artificial leather.


So I bought these babies - Brainwavz hybrid



And even though they are not officially listed as compatible, with some effort and stretching it was possible to put them on T5p.


So what is the conclusion:

 - The comfort is unbeatable - never had anything similar. It's even better than Srh1540 - because the headband on T5p is much better than on SRH1540 and these Brainwavz are comparable to the srh1540 pads. After 8hrs of non stop listening I don't even notice i am wearing those, that's how good these pads are.


- The sound has changed too - it is now more balanced, more warm, bass is more present. The treble is not so sharp as it was with orignal pads.

- You loose a bit of detail and clarity though.


The choice is yours.



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After 2 years of heavy use it isn't a first impression anymore, sound is great, comfort... very nice globally.

I use them almost every day and there is one thing I don't get: people are telling it's not hot, sweaty... that's false! It is so damn hot in there, so I sweat and as a result in 2 years the pads are good to be replaced more than 100 eur to replace them...

one of the pads suddenly was suddenly teared, leather becomes hard ans the foam begins to appear at some places.


That's the only disappointment, I had some cheap closed headphone before, with tissue/velour pads and I never had it so warm, the pads never teared apart...

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It's relative. I found that these aren't as hot as others I've tried. For example, Alpha Dogs, yuck. They're the best closed headphone I've tried, but I prefer my HD 800 any day of the week when I don't need a closed set.
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First-ever Tesla headphones

with Qualcomm® aptX HD audio 


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I had DT1770 Pro velour pads installed on my T5p earlier today


The DT1770 Pro velour pads has no holes on the underside vs 4 holes on the stock T5p lamb skin pads. The lack of holes somehow compensate the lesser density of the velour material and does not change the sound much compare to the stock pads.


The DT1770 Pro pads has firmer memory foam compares to the stock pads and compress less, give a slightly larger sound stage. Now my T5p sounds 80% like my T1 in sound stage dimension.


It is much more comfortable compare to the stock pads in warm weather. Isolation is a bit less but I only use the T5p in quiet environment so it is alright.


Highly recommended!

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