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Earsonics EM3Pro Impressions and Review thread

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I've just completed a review of the great Earsonics SM3, a professional universal monitor and would like to opine briefly about their well-fed, expensive brother, the EM3Pro. I have a preview of the EM3Pro here with pictures (I hate to give Huddler asset rights to my flickr account).


After a long ear infection induced wait, my Earsonics EM3Pro review is ready.


Several headfiers have them and I fathom that many more will dig into their pockets to pick them up, especially after those members chime in. In short, the EM3Pro is very much a top custom monitor that sits at a near-the-top price point of 744,15€. Considering the many able competitors in that price range, I think that the EM3Pro sits prettily.


But, it doesn't sit prettily in the same way. Earsonics, at least as they sit currently with the SM3, tend to play toward a deep, melancholy crowd. No, that is wrong. Their market understands quality not in terms of loudness curves or excitement, but in staid, even steps. In short, I understand why the Earsonics brand is strong with musicians: it is neutral and profound.


But more so, plugging in an SM3 or an EM3Pro to almost any source will reveal very little deviation. Sure, some sources and amps run the earphones better, but the difference isn't as stark as it is with other, harder to drive (but still excellent) earphones such as the FitEar Private 333, or the JH13Pro


My full review is still a week off, but I can preview it now by saying that it will be extremely positive, especially as Earsonics recently ridded their default cable system that plugged directly on top of the earphone. Now, their default plugs into the body of the earphone and protects the delicate pins. Earsonics' Franck Lopez mentioned that this system can be used for ears of any size. My units are the old type with exposed pins, but my review will be made in light of the new construction which I very much favour after having used it with a variety of Ultimate Ears earphones.


In encourage everyone who has one to chime in here and I'll link your review to the main one and we can get chatting about a very very good earphone, certainly one of the best customs on the market. 


Here are some impressions and Reviews:

(shigzeo) Review: Earsonics EM3Pro - the best earphone for your iPhone?

Impressions of the EM3Pro

EarSonics EM3-Pro customs, NOW WITH PICS!! the unknown best?

AGAINST JH/UE DRIVER WARS: A First view of EarSonics EM3-Pro Customs

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Just in case

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Yes, the EM3 Pro is very very nice!  I just got mine so I will need some more time to digest and see how they compare with my other gear.  But they already improve on the great space of the SM3 and have shown more power and dynamics.

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Thanks Joe. I think you and GuyDeB---- and maybe one or two others have them. Did yours come with the el cheapo plastic faux-briefcase? That is this earphone's biggest weakness. But otherwise, it is good. Just cannot believe Earsonics couldn't spring the 10$ per penguin box to actually protect a 1000$ earphone.

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Yes, mine have the nice plastic briefcase!  Just perfect size for my mini-me!

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haha, the size is good, but if you've ever had customs with a pelican case, it is a big letdown, especially if you tend to throw your 1000$ earphones inside and expect them to be protected. The case is about 20x less sturdy than the Pelican and even worse than the Otter. Pelican cases cost about 10$ and are worth every penny especially with such an investment. I love the EM3Pro, but I don't feel great about recommending a great earphone that isn't protected by its manufacturer. 


Again, other than that, the EM3Pro is as you say: big and beautiful. had it in all day and ... it really is a better SM3.

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Can't wait to see your comments, as you have so much experience with a whole range of both universals and customs. If I ever get up the courage to drop the change on customs, I'll be sure to consult you for your highest recommendations, and which one is tops.

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You two have the responsible to keep us updated on how the SM3 and EM3 compared :)


Just a suggestion shigzeo, it would be great if you post the links of GuyDebord's EM3 thread on the first post.

EarSonics EM3-Pro customs, NOW WITH PICS!! the unknown best?

AGAINST JH/UE DRIVER WARS: A First view of EarSonics EM3-Pro Customs

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^^ done. Thank you.


CN11: that is probably saying wwaaaaaay too much. And after watching the A-TEAM today (S. Korea's debut was a bit late), I may not hear again. The cinema had things turned up so loud that my ears are still ringing. I had no tissue paper or hearing plugs as you know... it was a movie, not a rock concert. 


In fact, it was louder than Depeche Mode in 1998 in Toronto. I will be complaining to the cinema company as no doubt everyone in the cinema lost hearing tonight. It was sooo loud in fact, that I couldn't understand half the movie's text and .... I am pretty good at English.

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I thought the pelican case (1010 was it..I have to get one of them eventually) was standard for all customs at this price. I look forward to your review and hopefully I'll be able to spend this amount one day on customs :)

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I reserve this space for putting a photo of the great looking case of my EM3-Pro's, and its not the plastic briefcase. I really wonder why Franck changed them...

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Ah man, just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in!


You telling me the SM3 can be bettered? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Ah jeez...

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@ GuyDebord - looking forward to seeing it and wondering why also


@ Bennyboy - yep, without a doubt.  I will be trying to describe how much difference I hear in the near future

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They have another case, a bulbous foam-looking thing (I have a picture somewhere) which is definitely better for protecting the earphones, but I'd not put it ahead of Pelican cases in terms of the whole package.

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that's it, i'm banning myself from these forums!






ok,... maybe not,....



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